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Contract Vehicles

Capgemini utilizes several contract vehicles to do business with the US federal government.

GSA MAS Schedules and MAS BPA:

Agency-specific IDIQs and BPAs:

GSA MAS – Information Technology (IT Services) Schedule

Contract No. 47QTCA18D00A2
Program Manager: Diego Plaza,
Description: SIN: 5451S Information Technology Professional Services: IT Professional Services and/or labor categories for database planning and design; systems analysis, integration, and design; programming, conversion and implementation support; network services, data/records management, and testing.

  • GSA MAS IT – Health IT Services (SIN 54151HEAL)Capgemini Point of Contact:  Contracts Department,
    Description: Includes professional services and/or professional labor categories that perform the following wide range of Health IT services:
    • Connected health;
    • Electronic health records;
    • Emerging Health IT research;
    • Health analytics;
    • Health informatics;
    • Health information exchanges;
    • Innovative Health IT solutions;
    • Personal health information management; and
    • Other health IT services

GSA MAS IT – Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services (SIN 518210C)

Capgemini Point of Contact:  Contracts Department,
Description: Includes commercially available cloud computing services such as the following for federal, state, local, and tribal agencies to purchase:

  • Commercial cloud IT professional services (labor categories) that support activities associated with assessing cloud solutions, refactoring workloads for cloud solutions, migrating legacy or other systems to cloud solutions, providing management or governance of cloud solutions, cloud DevOps/DevSecOps, developing cloud native applications, or other cloud-oriented activities.
  • Commercial cloud computing services that meet the definition of “Cloud” per the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-145 “The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing”.
  • Commercial cloud computing services, per the NIST definition, are provided under a Service Model, at least one Deployment Model, and meet all the Essential Characteristics (operational requirements).
  • IT professional services that are focused on providing the types of services that support the Government’s adoption of, migration to or governance/management of Cloud computing.

GSA MAS – Professional Services Schedule

Schedule No. GS-10F-0037N
Program Manager: Diego Plaza,
Description: SIN 541611: Provide operating advice and assistance on administrative and management issues. Examples include: strategic and organizational planning, business process improvement, acquisition and grants management support, facilitation, surveys, assessment and improvement of financial management systems, financial reporting and analysis, due diligence in validating an agency’s portfolio of assets and related support services, strategic financial planning, financial policy formulation and development, special cost studies, actuarial services, economic and regulatory analysis, benchmarking and program metrics, and business program and project management.

GSA SIISS Salesforce BPA

GSA Salesforce Implementation, Integration and Support Services (SIISS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
BPA Number: GS00Q16AEA1002
Program Manager: John Cattaneo,
Description: The Salesforce multi-agency BPA is open to all Federal agencies as part of GSA Order ADM4800.2H and awarded under Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) IT Schedule 70. The BPA is organized into seven functional areas:

  • Functional Area 1: UX Design, Business Analysis, Development, Integration
  • Functional Area 2: Data Management and Security
  • Functional Area 3: Program Management Support and Center of Excellence Governance
  • Functional Area 4: Release Management and Post Implementation Maintenance Support
  • Functional Area 5: Support / Help Desk
  • Functional Area 6: Training
  • Functional Area 7: Agile Coaching and Agile Portfolio

GSA Center of Excellence (COE) Discovery & Assessment BPA

BPA No. 47QFNA19A0004
Program Manager: Kathleen Flynn,
Description: This contract vehicle is part of GSA’s Technology Transformation Services. The Discovery and Assessment CoE initiative accelerates IT modernization at federal agencies by leveraging private sector innovation and government services while centralizing best practices and expertise for holistic transformation. This vehicle is open to all Federal agencies.
Functional Areas:

  • Cloud Adoption
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization


Human and Health Services (HHS) Program Support Center (PSC) Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ)
Contract No. HHSP233201500098I
Program Manager:  Jeremy Tsiopanas, 703-447-0066
Description: Under the Program Support Center (PSC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle, Capgemini Government Solutions provides the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) with experience in analyzing, evaluating, and disseminating information on programs and policies to assist the Department in discharging its critical responsibilities.  The scope of services supported by the IDIQ includes the following:

  • Program Assessment
  • Evaluation Design Studies and Data Collection
  • Performance Measurement
  • Technical Assistance / Expertise
  • Data Analysis
  • Other Ancillary / Support Services including:
  • Translation
  • Website Support
  • Publication Production and Distribution


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
Contract No.   12-3A94-18-A-0006
Program Manager: Jeremy Tsiopanas,
Description: This multi-award, department-wide BPA is primarily for the Food Safety & Inspection Services agency of USDA. This vehicle can be used to obtain Capgemini services. Food safety is core to FSIS, and the mission to keep America’s food and food supply safe encompasses a wide variety of needs. Therefore, this BPA’s scope allows USDA to accomplish a relatively broad set of mission-related activities. This contract is available for use by all USDA agencies and sub-agencies if the scope of work is focused on Food Safety.

Capgemini has been providing services under this BPA since 2013. The following works streams available are:

  • Studies and Analysis of FSIS programs
  • Project effectiveness and feasibility testing
  • Risk assessment, vulnerability assessments, and mitigation planning for food safety project
  • Survey and focus group planning and execution
  • Economic impact assessments, cost benefit analysis, and meat, poultry, egg industry assessments
  • Food defense and emergency response exercises
  • Workforce training preparation and development
  • Peer reviews and technical reports (in accordance with OMB Peer Review Guideline)
  • Operations Feasibility or Effectiveness Testing
  • Risk and Mitigation Effectiveness Assessments
  • Survey and Focus Groups
  • Studies (economic impact, needs and data development, risk management decision-making, and meat, poultry, and egg product industries)
  • Food Defense and Emergency Response Exercises Development, Facilitation, Vulnerability Assessments
  • Development and performance of workforce training, preparation of training materials and development of training courses


Department of Interior (DOI) National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) Platform Solution Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
BPA No. 140D0419A0029
Program Manager: Jeremy Tsiopanas,

  • Provide a unified view (360 degree) of consolidated customer information and supporting electronic workflow processes to support NARA’s mission and four strategic goals of Make Access Happen, Connect with Customers, Maximize NARA’s Value to the Nation and Strengthen our Future through our People.
  • Provide NARA senior leadership with the ability to understand, anticipate, manage, and personalize interactions with new and existing customers.
  • Integrate data seamlessly, quickly, automatically, and in real-time with other existing NARA legacy systems.
  • Provide capability for a single system of record to capture NARA customer data at the enterprise level.
  • Improve LOB productivity and performance through streamlined customer service response times, data accuracy, and data accessibility.
  • Support decision making using ECRM reports to analyze customer trends, metrics and assess customer feedback.
  • Enhance customer support or service by tracking customer inquiries and technical assistance requests.
  • Analyze customer requirements, anticipate future needs timelier to provide an improved overall customer experience.
  • Provide agility to adapt and automated workflow configuration by authorized business users within system constraints.

Navy SeaPort Next Generation (“SeaPort-NxG”)

Program Manager: Richard Lewis,
Description: This contract vehicle provides acquisition support services in 23 functional areas including engineering services, information system development, and program management. The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Military Sealift Command (MSC), and the United States Marine Corps (USMC) compete their service requirements on this vehicle.