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Professional Services

Vision, leadership, and execution are needed to deliver world-class digital transformation.

Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) Professional Services is the conductor you need to orchestrate the successful completion of your highest priorities. Even with the best people in the right positions, it takes vision, leadership, and execution to deliver world-class digital transformation.

professional services-vision

Vision: explore, innovate, invent

Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) considers the complexities and needs of our federal clients when delivering transformative digital solutions. Federal agencies have enormous audiences with a heterogeneous footprint and are constantly adapting to what is around them. It takes a dynamic group to provide professional services for this clientele, with global experience in innovation across all sectors that governments interact with. That is where CGS comes in.

Capgemini’s Professional Services team will help you explore and enhance your overall strategic goals. Whether facilitating user experience (UX) activities or gathering business analysis (BA) requirements, our team will work with you to develop a clear understanding of where you are today and where you want to go. Throughout every client engagement, we focus on delivering value and end-user results, keeping your top priorities aligned from start to finish. Once your challenges are clearly identified and solutions invented, Capgemini will utilize best-in-class techniques to build your program strategy: program conceptualization, proof of concepts/prototyping, facilitation, and workshops to enable change.

Digital-citizen experience capabilities

CGS empowers federal agencies to deliver world-class digital transformations while reducing costs in the wake of budgetary constraints without compromising the citizen experience. We do this by defining a strategy, discovering citizen priorities, analyzing user research, creating innovative designs, and continuously testing along the way.

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Leadership: run, lead, coordinate

Once a vision is clear, having a strategic plan that is lean, agile, and adaptable is critical to run a successful program. Our leaders have a wealth of experience planning and leading complex IT programs across large agencies requiring coordination across projects and departments to form an integrated effort. Through this expertise, our Project Management Offices (PMO) can implement best practices across the organization to be applied to projects of any scale. Our PMO provides project-management delivery with a focus on Agile principles, PM standards, client customization, and business process optimization.

Project Management Roadmap

CGS- professional services-leavership-phase
professional services-execution

Execution: implement, enhance, repair

Increasingly within the federal government, Agile methodology is a requisite for IT transformation initiatives. At Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS), we have experience and expertise implementing large-scale IT initiatives that integrate diverse technologies as well as multiple divisions within an agency. Agile practices that are well executed satisfy project requirements specific to federal agencies while creating efficiencies in an agency’s IT environment. In addition to proactive innovation, we are always on the lookout to enhance current environments in response to evolving business requirements. Our clients need to be dynamic, which is why we advocate for repair on an ongoing basis. Our focus on continuous advancement empowers Capgemini to provide world-class process optimization: continuous Agile best practices and training, process improvements, and business process automation.

Why should my agency implement Agile practices and principals? Capgemini has identified five key benefits to doing so:

  • Fostering collaboration
  • Empowering teams
  • Reducing complexity
  • Driving change
  • Enabling continuous improvement.

Innovation in action

Capgemini perpetually strives to identify ways to bring more value, more efficiency, and improve the citizen experience you expect from CGS for your most important projects.

Watch the video below to hear one of our automation experts, Hema Swathanthirarajan, discuss Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a key innovation that helps us achieve these goals: