The alternative for IT talent sourcing – Distributed Agile Delivery

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The demand for IT talent exceeds the supply and the supply of talent is fragmented. Staffing well-functioning, productive agile teams has become challenging. Distributed delivery of software solutions can provide a significant contribution to reduce this tension.

Advantages are, for example, ease of staffing IT projects, and faster ramp-up of projects, with guaranteed quality and productivity. These advantages contribute to a shorter time-to-market for software products and services. Without a doubt, our dependence on software products and services will increase. The shortage of IT talent is structural and requires structural solutions. One solution could be recruiting IT talent from abroad to come over and work on site, but it involves the extra complexity of relocation and, in some cases, even immigration. But why complicate matters if foreign IT talent can do the job from abroad? Software development teams can build, test and maintain software in their home country, provided management is handled professionally, leveraging strict agreements. Capgemini provides a solution for the distributed delivery of software with the service offering Distributed Agile Delivery.

In this offering, we leverage our Agile Delivery Centers (AD Centers) across the world – in Europe, for example, in Spain and Poland. “These locations have been selected, because they enable us to get access to the right expertise,” says Iwan van der Kleijn (CTO of the AD Center in Spain). “Our centers are in areas with direct access to a high-tech talent ecosystem.”


“However, not all work is done abroad. To ensure a truly agile software delivery experience for our clients, a division is created between two business functions in a team,” adds Maurice Driessen (Chief of Engineering in the Netherlands). “On site at our clients, we provide the Solution Delivery Office, where our design team members collaborate with our client’s staff in their native language, to establish the system specifications, the solution’s system architecture, and the customer journey and experience. The onsite team is complemented with the client’s Yard in one of our AD Centers. This Yard is comprised of software development teams, fully dedicated to a single client. These teams closely collaborate with the design team members and transform the specifications into high-quality, tested software solutions, leveraging our proven, scaled agile delivery method.”

“With the Distributed Agile Delivery service offering, Capgemini provides a structural solution to address local shortages of IT talent and which contributes to structurally improve the quality IT services,” concludes Iwan van der Kleijn.

Are you facing challenges to source IT Talent for your projects and looking for a partner who can help? If you want to learn more on how our Agile Delivery Centers can help and enable you to focus on creating business value, you can reach out to Maurice Driessen or Iwan van der Kleijn to start the conversation. Our teams are available to you to create your innovative products and solutions at business speed and adjusted on price.


Maurice DriessenSharp on details and always focused on quality. Maurice Driessen‘s in-depth knowledge of enterprise solution architecture, system engineering, the software lifecycle, IT technology and the capability to build bridges between Business, Software Development and IT, makes him the architect you need on your complex, international projects.



Iwan van der Kleijn has been working for nearly thirty years in the industry, working on the crosscut between Business, Technology, and Users; Designing, building & running teams, systems & services. Currently CTO at Capgemini’s European Industrial Center in Spain. In the EIC he led the creation of the ADCenter (Agile Delivery Center).

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