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Maurice Driessen

Expert in Software Product Engineering and Software Development Lifecycle Improvement

When you need top quality, I am the man you need. Sharp on details and always focused on quality. My in-depth knowledge of enterprise solution architecture, system engineering, the software lifecycle, IT technology and the capability to build bridges between Business, Software Development and IT, makes me the architect you need on your complex, international projects.

My expertise is understanding internal and external customer needs and providing and implementing solution for business applications which support customers’ business processes levering state-of-the-art technology.

I help organizations improve or redesign software development organizations and systems by using combined skills in information technology and business process improvement. My expertise is improving software development organization and processes with respect to effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and quality.

I work with software delivery centers and projects to understand the difficulties affecting the design and quality of software and implement improvements. I analyze projects from our delivery centers, sustain teams and operations to understand common problem areas. I design, monitor and analyze pilots to address problem areas in the software delivery process and implement solutions into the standard software development process. I coach project teams on software design, coding, and techniques to assure delivery of high-quality software.

Maurice Driessen

My experience

Chief of Engineering @ Capgemini

Jan 2019 - present

Enterprise Solution Architect @ Capgemini

Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

Software Architect @ Capgemini

Feb 2009 - Dec 2017

Senior Software Engineer @ Capgemini

Jul 2001 - Sept 2004

Software Engineer @ Information Technology and Services

Jul 1999 - Jun 2001

Software Engineer @ Information Technology and Services

Jun 1996 - Jun 1999

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