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Advanced Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Systems (ADAS/AD)

Today, the massive rollout of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionalities in new cars is underway. By 2030, 15% of cars sold are forecasted to be fully autonomous.

ADAS functions like adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, and forward-collision warning are steps on the sequential journey to fully autonomous vehicles.

Each increase in autonomy brings a host of challenges that span resource management, data infrastructure, development cost optimization, and time to market. ADAS verification and validation (V&V) involves billions of miles of road tests alongside simulated modeling, massive data processing, analysis, and IT infrastructure.

We partner with automotive innovators across the globe to win the ADAS race – upskilling engineering teams, and from function development to fully automated V&V.

Evolve towards end-to-end optimized processes

By 2025, about 8 million autonomous or automated vehicles are expected to travel the world’s roads according to ABi Research. However, many OEMs and Tier1 suppliers lack the right tooling and specialized resources to meet this quickly growing market and evolving customer demands.

What we do

We develop turnkey L1 & L2+ functions aligned with Core and Non-Core customer strategy and leverage experience from internal Research & Innovation ADAS program.

Our DASV platform is an integrated end-to-end solution for ADAS & AD validation. From data production to homologation support, through xIL validation.

Based on hybrid cloud infrastructure, DASV automates V&V activities.

The novel and emerging technologies that underpin ADAS demand new skills.

Our Global Training Center provides a complete training program to upskill existing engineering teams. The program is led by experts, designed for distance learning, and uses case studies extensively.

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