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Venture building


Venture Building: Reimagining Organizations for a Changing World

To thrive in a world undergoing profound and accelerating change, we must reimagine and reshape our organizations faster than ever. Through venture building, we establish outposts beyond the next horizon, accessing new landscapes of opportunity as they emerge.

A Next Economy is taking shape, accelerated by the advancement of disruptive new technologies, and intensified by the urgent drive toward sustainability to address our climate crisis. The shifts underway pose an immediate threat to legacy business models, and will challenge the long-term viability of many organizations that fail to adapt. To navigate these rapid shifts, venture building services offer a critical tool.

Rapid & radical shifts in our markets and operating environments require a greater emphasis on rapid & radical innovation. We collaborate with founders & leaders – from the pre-seed startup to the Fortune 50 – to build, tune and scale the new ventures that are shaping our collective future.

We don’t simulate entrepreneurship, we are entrepreneurs.

“To really have a chance, we needed to move very quickly, and needed to be high quality from the start. We needed a partner who can help us achieve those goals.”

Will Coleman, Founder and CEO of Alto

What we do: Venture Building services for innovation

Develop new businesses from foundational insight to generating revenue in market in months.

We empower industry leaders to rapidly reorient their businesses and drive diversification, resilience and growth by defining, building and scaling disruptive new businesses that are tailor-made for the Next Economy.

Through corporate venture building, Horizon 3 is often months, not years away. To get there, we position ourselves through rapid customer discovery, direct market validation, and intelligent scaling anchored in empirical results. We bring proven methods and a comprehensive toolset to our collaborations. Intersecting this with Capgemini’s industry vertical expertise, we’re able to build where you stand: from consumer to industrial, healthcare to telco, and finance to pharma.

Make your founding vision a market-changing reality.

Working across startup stages, industries and investment cycles, we bring lasting value to fast-moving companies, helping you hit mission-critical business milestones and realize your vision.

We collaborate closely with VC-backed founders and their teams, integrating our design, strategy, technology and implementation expertise with their own to build crucial near-term assets as well as company infrastructure and tools of lasting value. This collaborative approach fosters a venture building environment that empowers founders to achieve their vision.


frog, part of Capgemini Invent, drives customer-centric transformations at scale through innovative and human-centric design work.

Client stories from frog

Using VR to enable the collaborative design of physical objects in an increasingly digital world.

Rapidly building a telehealth platform to enable healthcare providers to offer phone and video consultations.

Building a new digital telco for UK network operator Three, targeting new customers.

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