Generate Real Business Insights in just 90 Days

Capgemini’s Production Monitoring analytics solution helps manufacturing clients generate real business insights in just 90 days, deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional IoT solutions, using the Cloud Data Lake, with Cloudera on Microsoft® Azure.

There is no doubt that the challenge in the age of seemingly endless data, stored without clear purpose, is making that data really count. This is particularly the case for discrete or process manufacturing businesses, regardless of whether they produce OEM components or end products.

IoT, PLC, and data historians produce masses of data, but are not generating the insights fast enough.  In particular Operations Managers are keen to learn how to leverage digitization to increase operational excellence along their value chain, focusing on improving product quality and predicting equipment maintenance needs.

For example, Time to Action (TTA) for issues on the plant floor is currently, at best, hours, but can often be days or weeks. Shortening the TTA can have significant impact in a plant operation.

Production Monitoring analytics up and running in 90 days

Capgemini believes that analytics for IoT for Digital Manufacturing can be economically and effectively employed locally at the edge, and more deeply in the cloud. Our Production Monitoring analytics solution uses the Cloudera HDFS mounted on Microsoft® Azure, and can be deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of on-premise HDFS solutions.  This means we can help you generate real business insights in 90 days without any additional infrastructure overhead.

The solution monitors your production process via remote sensors, MES, ERP and your data historian for optimization and improvement opportunities, on-demand quality analytics and process monitoring and throughput.

Organizations can quickly gain insights about operational performance and efficiency gaps by combining:

  • Manufacturing Intelligence; manages and optimizes production units and processes using data and data analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance; anticipates machine breakdowns, leveraging data and data analysis

The Business benefits for Manufacturers

  • By moving analytics to the Cloud, Cloudera on Microsoft Azure lets you store petabytes of data in the cloud for extended periods at an incredibly low price point
  • Analytic models for Product quality and equipment maintenance can be readily developed so that TTA can be reduced to hours for new projects, and seconds for known data
  • Moreover, this can be achieved without impacting ongoing production, by deploying micro-clusters to the factory to anticipate network loss.

In summary, 90 Days to Insight can:

  • Harness the predictive power of new streaming, event and transactional data from IOT
  • Apply advanced analytic techniques to optimize manufacturing processes
  • Innovate in Data Science, through continuous improvement of process and tools and learning.

This solution is part of Capgemini’s Insights platform that can be accessed on a project, or subscription basis. Cloud-based, with its library of pre-built use cases, our platform takes data out of silos and facilitates cross-system and cross-business unit insights at the speed-of-light

For more information, please contact Jasen Judd.

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