Software Product Engineering Services

Technology product companies need to develop agile software that will keep pace with the changing requirements of the ecosystem. Capgemini’s new age software engineering approach helps companies to create future ready software products.

We are currently witnessing an explosion in IoT deployments and solutions around the globe. IoT software platforms are emerging as the central backbone of these IoT deployments. Clients are moving from products to end-to-end services models by adopting the SaaS model. The perennial challenges of accelerated time-to-market, maximized returns on R&D budgets and expansion into new markets also continue to grow. Our software product engineering services for the connected ecosystem aim to create state-of-the-art solutions and retain competitive advantage.

Our services are backed by strong expertise, experience in different technologies and platforms, mature methodologies and processes, and ready-to-use solutions and accelerators.

Our Core Offerings

  • Software Product Assessment and Design
  • Software Product Development
  • Software Platform Engineering
  • Software Product Re-engineering
  • New age process adoption: Agile, DevOps 

Focus on future ready software

  • Cloud native
  • Mobile first
  • Social software integration
  • Cybersecurity

Key Differentiators

  • Engineering secure software products that support multiple technology platforms, business models, devices and interfaces
  • State-of-art new age engineering processes that cater to diverse users with a focus on flexibility and scalability
  • Rapid release management across software product lines
  • Deep domain expertise and ability to effectively cross-pollinate solutions and assets across sectors for innovative solutions with improved ROI
  • Quality and domain-centric certifications like ISO 13485, ASPICE, ISO 26262, DO178, etc. for assured compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements globally
  • Rightshore®, Capgemini’s global delivery model, adds value while using resources more effectively for access to wider technologies skills

Framework and Accelerators

MQTT Bridge

MQTT Bridge enables various IoT platforms with proprietary structure to communicate seamlessly with standard enterprise IoT platforms like IBM, Azure or any platform supporting MQTT

GlobNet – L10N/I10N tool kit

Automate internationalization and localization of software products with easy management and improved productivity

MVC and MVVM validator

Architecture pattern validation tool capable of running through command line. It validates the code against the basic guidelines and best practices, lists the events of non-compliance.

Technology Migration Factory

A structured framework for migration of solution from one technology to another. Ensures seamless integration with existing systems in a continuous engineering environment


  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Faster time to market
  • Platform based approach for software development
  • Cost efficient business and digital transformation
  • Technology agnostic solutions with just in time scalability