The software-defined Vehicle has wholly shifted the automotive industry’s model. Capgemini Engineering enables you to develop the software platform of your future vehicles.

A software-driven transformation is redefining the global automotive industry. Vehicles, organizational structures, processes, methods, and tools are defined, designed, and operated by software.

Capgemini Engineering works with you to develop the core software platform of future vehicles. We combine our deep automotive industry expertise, leading skills in embedded and digital native development, engineering tools, best practice, and transformative operations models to scale automotive software-driven transformation.

What we do

From System to Cloud, we accelerate your journey towards Intelligent Industry by developing the core software platform for your future vehicles.

We bring together deep automotive expertise from System to Cloud, leading skills in embedded and digital native development, engineering tools, and best practice and transformative operation models to scale automotive software-driven transformation.

TRANSFORM: Our Software Driven Transformation (SDT) framework is a set of services designed to help our clients achieve rapid software transformation, from initial vision to large-scale deployment.

RUN: Our Engineering-as-a-Service approach leverages the SDT framework, assets, and automotive engineering capabilities to establish and operate a software engineering factory for our customers.


End-to-End Services

We offer End-to-end services from electric and electronics to the cloud covering product, engineering processes, and business models.
Product: Technology & Architecture strategy and roadmap and Advisory services
Engineering Process: Software Factory Design strategy & roadmap and Advisory services
Business model: Business model Advisory services

Full vehicle to cloud development and integration

  • On Product side: SW centric System Architecture, SW Platform Development (Middleware + SDK), System and HW instantiation
  • On Engineering Process: Processes & Tool Automation, PMT Build & Integration, PMT Support services
  • On Business model side: Business model Implementation
Cross Platform Economics: intelligent reuse & efficient integration

  • On Product side: SW Platform, cross program integration & management and Extensive asset mgmt. & reuse
  • On Engineering Process: PMT at scale deployment services, Change Management services (incl. Mentoring, training …)
  • On Business model side: Efficiency/Capability, Transformation services, Core/Context advisory, Make-or-Buy Business Case, Outsourcing Strategy, Outsourcing Execution (BOT)
More Insight

Software-Driven Transformation

Software-driven products and services are a strategic response to industry challenges for enterprises to stay competitive.

Meet our experts

Franck Desaulty

Solution Director Capgemini Engineering
With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, and a passion for software, Franck enables clients to tackle the challenges of the Software Defined Vehicle by assisting them on their software transformation journey. He helps clients accelerate their software growth strategy for the vehicles of today and beyond.

Michael Welsh

Chief Technology Officer – Automotive Software & Electronics, Capgemini Engineering
Michael is responsible for defining and executing the technology strategy and roadmap across the ER&D Automotive Portfolio. He is also currently the Offer owner for Mobility Experience which includes Intelligent Cockpit, Vehicle Communication and Mobility Services.

Walter Paranque-Monnet

Global Head of Embedded Software
Walter is passionate about helping organizations build high-value products and services driven by creativity, innovation, and business results. He has helped teams create a culture driven by software and innovation. For more than 12 years, Walter has supported software organizations along their chip-to-cloud transformation journey and designed embedded software roadmaps for acceleration.

Pascal Feillard

Head of Business Transformation, Capgemini Engineering
Pascal draws on his many years of experience in the Automotive industry in his current position, where he is responsible for ensuring that Capgemini‘s partnerships facilitate software-driven transformation in order to give automotive clients the future that they and their customers want.

Alexandre Audoin

EVP, Head of Global Automotive Industry, Capgemini
Alexandre Audoin is Capgemini Group’s global leader for the automotive industry and head of automotive within Capgemini Engineering (formerly Altran). Alexandre maintains a special focus on the creation of Intelligent Industry, helping clients master the end-to-end software-driven transformation and do business in a new way through technologies like 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT).