Inventive Banking With MuleSoft – Open for Business in the New Normal

As the market manages the shocks delivered by the pandemic, financial institutions must look to the future and explore new opportunities to meet customer needs. Harnessing the open platform mindset unlocks a world of new business models – allowing partners to exchange revenue-generating services by accessing each other’s data, unique knowledge, existing customer base, and specific distribution channels. According to our recently published World Retail Banking Report, platform-based firms can achieve 2X operating profits.

Watch as Colin Payne,VP & Global Head of NextGen Financial Services discusses the value that MuleSoft‘s open banking platform can deliver to your institution by:

  • Unlocking new revenue streams
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Driving down costs

For more information on how to leapfrog the comepetition by leveraging Open APIs, download our whitepaper.

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World Retail Banking Report 2020

The World Retail Banking Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores how retail banks are facing pressure to transform, as new entrants focused on customer experience gain significant market traction while the current pandemic environment drives consumers to digitally interact more with their banks. The report highlights the need for banks to evolve into platform-based models and transform their core to stay competitive.

Leading Banks Eye APIs To...

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