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Client story

High service availability for Vodafone Business, the leading IoT mobile operator in the world

Client: Vodafone Business
Region: Europe
Sector: Telecoms

Capgemini Romania has gained the confidence of the Vodafone Group as a long-term partner in operational maintenance.

Together with Capgemini Romania, Vodafone Business has succeeded in achieving, and maintaining, its target of 99,99% service availability for IoT during a five-year collaboration.


From a landscape perspective, Vodafone was dealing with an ever-shifting environment, difficult to navigate. With network instability and clients adding more pressure to prioritize their tickets, Vodafone needed a team to minimize the impact of incidents by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible, and providing 24/7 support in case of emergencies, or depending on customer’s needs.


Capgemini’s Romania Managed Services provided Vodafone with a team able to bring diverse skills, from incident management to preventive maintenance, with a full scale of services:

  • Troubleshooting of problems that occur in the core part of the Group Telecom Networks, starting from subscriber issues, software problems, performance degradations, present on different equipment and platforms.
  • Interaction with engineering and development teams, as well as teams from different vendors, to ensure the normal functionality of all provided services.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation and procedures, as well as the implementation of various changes that needed to be performed on the Group Core Network.
  • Balance change control to tackle the need to make beneficial changes that will deliver additional value, and to protect customers and users from the adverse effect of changes.


The team successfully and qualitatively provided operational maintenance support for Vodafone Group IoT Networks and supported Vodafone IoT accelerative growth by assisting in the deployment of virtualized environments in several key elements of Vodafone Core Network.

Together with Capgemini Romania, Vodafone has strengthened its position as leader in the IoT market. Capgemini’s team assisted with the successful onboarding of new local operators within the IoT services of the Vodafone Group Core Network, while maintaining a high level of availability of the E2E services – solving all potential problems timely, while implementing proactive checks and automatic scripts on managed equipment to prevent issues from even occurring.

With this successful collaboration, the market’s confidence in Vodafone Business’s IoT technology across all business sectors – from automotive to public sector, and from healthcare to manufacturing – has significantly grown, making Vodafone Business the world leading provider of IoT services today.

“Let me take the opportunity to add my thanks.  Not only has this been a massively strange year in general, but there also seems to have been an increase in volume and pressure too from a workload perspective.  I want to thank you for your critical support in achieving all the amazing things that we did as a team, and for managing the constantly changing priorities.”

Head of Network Application Operations, Vodafone Group