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Client story

A single source of truth for leading healthcare player, Regina Maria

Client: Regina Maria
Region: Europe
Sector: Healthcare

We supported leading healthcare services provider in Romania, Regina Maria, in digitizing its contract and budget management.

Our turnkey solution has enabled Regina Maria to benefit from unified business processes in a single place – a configurable platform on which business workflows can be easily built, and that aggregates structured data, unstructured data, and data from other client systems.


Regina Maria was looking for an out-of-the-box solution to address two areas that are particularly important for its business: contract management, and expense approvals. The healthcare provider needed to easily introduce new flows, and to modify the existing ones according to predefined changes as per the approval matrix.


Capgemini in Romania has been collaborating with Regina Maria since the end of 2020 to standardize its workflows and content management applications and streamline the approval of expenses across the organization. The proposed turnkey solution was designed to answer its specific needs, integrating all existing business requirements into one single platform, and migrating Regina Maria’s systems to a single database, a single upgrade application, a single security system, and a single maintenance architecture.

A configurable platform on which business flows (workflows) can be easily built, which aggregate structured data (case management-work view), unstructured data (document management), together with data from other client systems (integration).

The solution provided traceability and easy tracking of documents on each workflow.


As a result, Regina Maria is now able to handle a larger volume of cases without the need for additional work or additional resources. The business can now host more workflows and documents with the implementation of an extension of the initial solution, for managing invoices from suppliers at the organizational level.

As a result of the solution implementation, Regina Maria has decreased its workload – and increased the process effectiveness. It has been able to standardized workflows across the organization and has simplified its operations into one application, a single source of truth.

“Regina Maria was facing an increasing complexity with its previous application, which was becoming harder to manage, time consuming with a high cost to develop further. As such, we focused on a more mature application that has almost everything we needed and we can use it without many developments, and simple customizations. After about six months of using it, we can say that we have made the right decision – things are going very well; moreover, we are starting to explore other horizons.”

Doru Popa, IT Manager, Regina Maria