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Client story

Capgemini has created an asset management tool based on Sitetracker to optimize INWIT’s operational data

Client: INWIT
Region: Italy
Industry: Telecoms

Thanks to its expertise in E2E services, Capgemini has designed and developed a step in INWIT’s digitalization journey: a centralized repository to consolidate and harmonize all INWIT asset-related information and increase productivity and operational efficiency

Client challenge: INWIT wanted to have full visibility of all owned assets on a single system and improve its ability to manage the scheduling and execution of site surveys.

Solution: INWIT chose Capgemini to develop an asset management tool based on Sitetracker technology to standardize, simplify, and optimize its operations.


  • Broad visibility of owned assets
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Increase in speed of data circulation and sharing

In order to continue its digital transformation and strengthen its business in line with the Tower-as-a-Service model, INWIT has increasingly expressed the need to standardize, simplify, and optimize the management of its operations, which require a central asset master data system.

A need that led to the decision to create, among other things, an asset management tool based on Sitetracker technology. More specifically, INWIT needed a centralized system that described and tracked its facilities in a more accurate way.

Capgemini has provided Sitetracker certified experts and specialized in providing end-to-end services from design and development to the implementation, maintenance, and adoption of solutions in Italy and in Europe.

Pursuing collaborative development

Capgemini applied its expertise in system integration, business process reengineering, governance and change management to develop an asset management tool based on Sitetracker, while Sitetracker also provided product advisory and configuration support.

Capgemini organized design workshops aimed at obtaining commitment to the project, improving understanding, and ensuring the satisfaction of business needs and objectives. The collaboration and co-creation established with the client during the design phase paved the way for the definition of an integrated and highly usable platform, capable of analyzing INWIT information and data, which is currently being implemented.

“The decision to use Sitetracker demonstrates the flexibility of our platform, while simultaneously highlighting INWIT’s innovative approach to ensuring successful management and operations for its telecom assets. We are proud to have contributed to INWIT’s digital transformation, also thanks to the strategic partnership with Capgemini, with which we are able to offer our mutual clients a combined approach that leverages our global experiences.”

Amerigo Garofano, Vice President Telecom, Sitetracker EMEA

Consolidating asset management

The company will have a single system at its disposal, which will eventually allow it to have full visibility of all owned assets. Furthermore, the project to provide INWIT with an integrated, end-to-end process for scheduling, dispatching, taking charge and carrying out site surveys is in progress.

Once all information about field assets will be consolidated into a single system, INWIT will be able to further improve the completeness of information relating to its assets, making decision-making processes even more efficient. Additionally, as part of the company’s broader digitalization process, which is still underway, the centralized repository will facilitate a better control of assets, which is essential for maximizing the value and lifespan of the assets themselves.

“We are excited to contribute to INWIT’s digital transformation together with our partner Sitetracker. The collaboration between industry leaders is essential to face emerging challenges in a market as highly competitive as telecommunications by leveraging the most recent technological trends.”

Luca Quattropani, TMT Director, Capgemini in Italy


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