AI Activate

Putting our clients’ AI Strategy on track


In recent years, data and AI have become increasingly essential for organizations. The time has come to embrace the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by transforming the way you are doing business, engaging with your clients, and building a better society. Whether you are just beginning to explore the possibilities of changing your business through AI  or are looking for guidance in your AI transformation, AI Activate designs a vision for where and how AI will best be applied in your enterprise.

Set the strategy to bring to life what’s next

AI Activate is your AI strategy & business transformation plan to jumpstart and accelerate your AI deployment. We help guide you through the initial phase of AI adoption by scoping out and establishing the necessary structures within your enterprise to ensure AI success.

AI Activate creates the foundation to maximize business impact by industrializing AI at scale. From defining your AI strategy and architecture, through people, process and data, to prioritizing use cases, AI Activate mobilizes your enterprise for the future – supporting you at every stage of AI maturity. Drawing on the unique talents of our own business and market strategists, process experts, and world-leading AI specialists and supported by a world class, world-wide ecosystem of technology partners, academics and disruptive start-ups – you can count on AI Activate to kick-start your AI-infused future.


 Implement AI solutions to transform your business

Implementing AI solutions requires both a solid understanding of your industry as well as an in-depth comprehension of state-of-the-art technologies. As AI solutions will have a tremendous impact on your organization, we will help you engage your entire team to quickly reach your business goals.

From improving customer experiences, creating new business models, products, or services, or improving operations performance and corporate functions, AI is the key to help you extract the maximum value from your data. And, activating that data at scale will enable you to pioneer your industry and reap the full benefits of the AI revolution.

Transforming business with AI

AI Activate

With our extensive expertise across industries and in the AI sphere, we are the right partner to accompany you along your successful AI solution implementation journey.

AI Activate designs a vision for where and how AI should be applied in your enterprise at any stage in your AI process. By defining your AI strategy and architecture; discovering, prioritizing, and executing use cases towards your AI-driven transformation path; and building the foundation to maximize business impact, we help you industrialize AI at scale.

Together, we help you fully embrace the potential of AI by optimizing your data insights and accelerating breakthrough solutions.

Let us help you

  AI Activate

In order to deploy AI at scale, every successful AI initiative requires a purposeful transformational action plan which addresses business impact, deployment of AI capabilities, process design/engineering, and organization and talent management.

At Capgemini Invent, we help our clients determine exactly how to incorporate AI into their business strategy and how to overcome typical adoption barriers to drive the most value. Let us help you answer your fundamental AI questions and create your AI roadmap.

Explore the transformative power of Data & AI with Capgemini’s Perform AI

Capgemini’s Perform AI helps you transform your organization, activating your data, augmenting your intelligence, to amplify outcomes. It’s time to shift gears, scale trusted Data & AI solutions, and get the future you want.


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