5G – Prepare for a giant leap in capacity and speed

5G will enable collaboration like never before.

The internet of everything needs a platform to generate, analyze and act on the massive data loads, 5G provides this colossal capacity leap. Imagine how businesses relying on such capacity and speed could proactively maintain their equipment or manage resources in real-time.

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile networking is, put simply, the story of the future and will build the foundation upon which every industry and sector of society will grow and innovate. 5G’s super-fast speed and reliable connections will improve how cities manage roadways, how automakers build their cars and it will further advance the development of self-driving cars, robotics, telehealth, on-the-go VR, and a thousand other applications, some of which no one has thought of yet. New business models and new types of businesses will bring a slew of revenue streams. The ecosystem will operate in a hyper-agile mode and telecom operators should leap at the chance.

Capgemini focuses on enabling clients to get the most out of this nascent technology. For those companies that have so far taken steps towards automation and connectivity, 5G will allow them to make big leaps. This means 5G technology will enable a digital transformation at a scale and speed not yet seen to date.

Capgemini has explored several deployment scenarios with our strategic telecom partners and expedite the transition to 5G given its immense potential. One that is especially noteworthy is the collaborative global partnership signed with Ericsson on 5G technology. Capgemini’s partner Telia also joined forces with Capgemini and Ericsson in order to gain a better understanding of these opportunities and address them together.

5G will enable collaboration like never before: a brave new ultra connected society is coming!

Thought Leadership

5G in industrial operations

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