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Races: resources awareness and circular economy strategy

Carbon challenge to resource constraints: How corporates can quantify resource criticality and build a resilient business strategy

Recent world events have forced companies to be radically agile and have stretched supply chains to the breaking point. Initiatives towards circularity have already sprung up in the various branches of big corporations. Nonetheless, a bottom-up approach is insufficient to germinate a large-scale and coordinated change. Circularity will soon become a key strategic element in every industrial activity.

Capgemini Invent has developed a brand-new methodology, to evaluate your exposure to resource-related risks and assist you in building the best strategic response while improving business resilience.

In this report, we will offer to build your strategy through different steps:

  1. Resource awareness and vision to pre-assess vulnerability areas in your current AS IS strategy
  2. Circular Business Strategy to identify opportunities using the 16 Circular Business Segments (CBS) and prepare robust TO BE scenarios
  3. Quantification of criticality and business case to make decisions, but also measure progress over time
  4. Transformation plan with tangible action items and implementation examples

No matter your starting point, Capgemini can help you turn resource criticality into business opportunities.

We hope with RACES and its two tools, you can adapt your strategy to implement circularity at each step of your value chain and gain resilience.

Meet our experts

Alain Chardon
Director Sustainability and Energy Transition, Sustainable platforms & innovation, Capgemini Invent

Clément Chenut
Circular Economy Expert, Group Sustainability Accelerator, Capgemini Invent

Julia Müller
Vice President Sustainability, Capgemini Invent

Corinne Jouanny
Head of Portfolio and Industry Centers of Excellence, Capgemini

Stanislas Ancel
Vice President Energy & Utilities, Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent