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The deep tech advantage in the race to autonomous networks

Stéphane Remy
Jun 5, 2024

Today’s networks are overrun with data and devices. Manual management can’t keep up – but a solution is coming in the form of self-configuring, self-healing and self-optimizing autonomous networks.

Powered by AI and machine learning, these autonomous networks are set to revolutionize the telecoms industry. By training, testing and deploying relevant AI and machine learning models into their design, planning, deployment and maintenance, autonomous networks will optimize network performance and management to remarkable new levels. This allows them to not only cope with our increasing connectivity demands, but also offer greater cost-efficiency, sustainability and growth for your business.

In our recent whitepaper, Get ahead in the race to autonomous networks, Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Invent, presents how being first – and being unique – in the race towards autonomous networks will be vital to leading the telecoms market.

But as Capgemini previously outlined in the report, Networks with intelligence: why and how the telecoms sector should accelerate its autonomous networks journey, there are still many challenges to address before the industry can make the leap beyond level 3 to greater network autonomy.

Even so, we know autonomous networks are the direction the market is heading, with the report establishing that 84% of companies have already reached initial levels of autonomy. And yet, when it comes to unlocking level 3 autonomous networks and above, only 17% of telecoms companies have a comprehensive strategy in place.

While it will not happen overnight, autonomous networks will eventually become commoditized and easily accessible. It will be those who get there first who will reap the greatest rewards. The businesses that choose to wait until autonomous networks are the norm will only enjoy incremental gains alongside every other competitor and blend into the crowd. In a market that prizes speed and innovation, this wait-and-see approach will leave you in last place.

So to get ahead, where should communications service providers (CSPs), vendors and technologists begin in their journey to unlock the many advantages of autonomous networks? My answer: lead with deep tech.

We do deep tech, you create the future

We’ve established that autonomous networks are the future of the telecoms industry, but what’s the next step to get you there? With technological maturity being one of the key barriers to autonomous network development, I believe that by embracing a deep tech strategy, you can overtake the competition to develop new-to-the-world innovation that will not only keep the pace, but set the pace for the future of connectivity.

What is deep tech? By harnessing radical science and engineering, deep tech offers you an invaluable commercial advantage with unique, cutting-edge technology that you own. At its core, deep tech is the mindset and a bold strategy that we use to help our clients redefine markets.

In the case of AI-driven autonomous networks, it is by defining a deep tech strategy that combines technological advancements on an AI framework that prioritizes trust, ethics and reliability that you can ensure your business is both future-ready and leading the telecoms market.

To remain competitive, the choice comes down to this: act now to unlock defendable business growth, or hesitate, and risk being left behind the curve. We’re ready to guide you on this journey. Together, we can harness the power of deep tech to shape a future where autonomous networks will empower your business, society and the planet.

Download Cambridge Consultants’ whitepaper now to find out more, and reach out to start a conversation around unlocking greater network automation.

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Meet the author

Stéphane Remy

Commercial Director of Connectivity at Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Invent
Specializing in 5G, IoT, Edge AI and cloud tech, Stéphane has over 25 years of telecoms and mobile industry experience. With a focus on turning strategy into reality, he helps clients achieve their aspirations and grow their business by developing new, innovative service offerings.