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IDEA by Capgemini uses Microsoft Fabric to support data-driven businesses

Elayaraja Eswaran
24 May 2023

Organizations today recognize the need to leverage data as a strategic advantage to stay competitive, regardless of their industry. The value hidden within an organization’s data is well understood, and it’s no longer a question of whether to harness this data, but how to do so effectively. 

Data problems are real

While companies possess vast amounts of data, the challenge lies in the fact that this data is often scattered across organizational silos and stored on outdated legacy systems, some of which may be decades old. These silos and systems hinder decision-makers from obtaining a comprehensive view of their business and customers. Leveraging data assets from these legacy systems to enable data-driven decision-making across the entire organization becomes an arduous task, if not impossible.

Managing data is an art powered by hi-tech solutions

IDEA by Capgemini is a comprehensive solution designed to address the challenges businesses face in data engineering, analytics, and AI. It’s a flexible solution, tailored to each client’s IT needs and business goals. Using Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Capgemini brings together cloud technology, automation, platform-as-code, and modular microservices architecture to accelerate time to value by 40 percent, while reducing costs.

With IDEA by Capgemini, clients can:

  • Address data swamps with the solution’s Assessment & Discovery Accelerator
  • Avoid AI fatigue with a solid but flexible foundation and infrastructure from which to launch and scale use cases
  • Establish and maintain the highest levels of safety, security, privacy, and ethicality from the start with built-in methodologies
  • Manage an increasingly complex and ever-evolving regulatory environment

“Capgemini has collaborated with Microsoft to bring you the powerful Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) solution, combining best-in-class data engineering, analytics, and AI capabilities with Microsoft’s Fabric. IDEA by Capgemini empowers you to embrace modernization, streamline data operations, and achieve your business goals.” — Eric Reich, AI & Data Engineering Offer Leader and Global Head, Insights & Data, Capgemini

Microsoft Fabric is a complete solution from Microsoft that combines a variety of tools and services into a single analytics platform. It helps organizations use data for insights, decision-making, and innovation. From managing data lakes to empowering business users, it offers a one-stop-shop for all analytical needs, making it easier for enterprises to harness the power of data.

IDEA by Capgemini leverages our expertise in data engineering, analytics, and AI, and seamlessly integrates our tools with the powerful cloud data services of Azure and Microsoft Fabric. This integration enables companies to fully use Microsoft’s wide range of applications and solutions for accelerated data-driven insights and innovation. By integrating OneLake into the Fabric service, organizations gain a single repository for all their data, serving as a foundation for Fabric’s workloads. This, combined with the democratization of business insights, empowers employees at all levels with access to data-driven information, enabling informed decision-making and driving innovation throughout the company. Additionally, the integration of data from a hybrid and multi-cloud data estate further enhances the organization’s data capabilities for comprehensive insights and analytics.

“We are excited to partner with Microsoft to enable our customers to accelerate data value creation with Microsoft Fabric. We believe our customers will be able to meaningfully reduce integration tax and operational overhead, while unifying their hybrid and multi-cloud data estates to light up multiple analytics & AI use cases on a single data foundation.” — Niraj Parihar, Insights & Data CEO, Capgemini

Together, IDEA by Capgemini and Microsoft Azure delivers a clear, fast, and scalable path from innovation to industrialization. We accelerate the data estate modernization process with a 40 percent faster delivery time. Then we enable enterprises to apply state-of-the-art AI and analytics to their data – boosting business value and creating the advantages companies need to succeed, which can establish the foundations to enter the new data economy and maintain control over their sustainability data.

Driving business value for your organization

As a global leader in digital transformation, Capgemini has the experience and expertise to enable your organization to modernize its data estate and then fully leverage the benefits of AI, ML, and other advanced technologies to enhance your business.

As your organization’s strategic partner, Capgemini’s Insights & Data practice helps you drive impact with data. Capgemini’s capabilities and services cover data engineering and information governance, business analysis, and more.

AI and applied insights are the key drivers of success in the digital era. Capgemini Data & AI portfolio is your strategic partner to harness these technologies. Together, we can develop an AI-powered transformation plan, govern and run the AI-driven enterprise, and build and deploy AI platforms and solutions. The result is real business outcomes, covering end-to-end at scale.

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