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Smart Mobility Connect


Customer experience is in the driver’s seat

From e-bikes to electric cars, autonomous vehicles, flying cars, drones and everything in between, mobility experiences – and expectations – are changing. We partner with automotive and mobility companies to develop innovative business models, build mobility ecosystems and deliver customer-centric transformation through technology & sales channel innovation.

Our Smart Mobility solutions in four key areas

Transform Customer Experience: Activate customers, design journeys, engage audiences, deepen relationships and create compelling experiences.

Innovate Business Models: Define strategies, design business models, develop processes, implement platforms and initiate transformation.

Build Auto Ecosystems: Build, buy or partner to combine products, services and experience in a seamless blended ecosystem.

Leverage Technology Partnerships: Implement cutting-edge technology and deploy best-in-class mobility solutions together with our industry partners.

    Customer-centricity connected mobility

    Customer-centricity is the DNA of connected mobility. Learn how to build and strengthen deep connections with your customers.

    The Future of Mobility

    The future of mobility is all about choice—transforming where we go, how we get there and what we do along the way.

    Capgemini Invent

    Powering Change

    Climate change is the issue that defines our time. New regulations and decarbonization goals are driving innovation in every sector. Nowhere is

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    Gearing Up for the Metaverse

    Radio, television, and the internet transformed the world in unimaginable ways. Now, a new technological development promises to surpass all pre

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