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ECC - 2880 x 1800

Energy Command Center

Mastering enterprise-wide energy efficiency

How can you reduce the energy consumption of your buildings by up to 30%?

Smart building management systems offer substantial energy savings, up to 15-30% or more, as demonstrated by studies and real-world cases, highlighting significant potential for efficiency improvements.

That’s exactly what our Energy Command Center (ECC) is designed to deliver. It fosters digital innovation and business transformation through partnerships, notably with Schneider Electric, enabling efficient energy management.

Today, 80% of CO2 emissions come from energy. Eliminating waste is the fastest and least capital-intensive solution to reduce energy use, costs, and emissions – and that’s exactly what the Energy Command Center is designed to do.

How we can help

  • Modern facilities use a wide range of technologies, and sustainability and digitization pressures are constantly adding to the total. Orchestrating it all can be a real challenge.
  • Capgemini’s Energy Command Center is the smart, comprehensive model you need. It’s a control tower that sees everything, and that optimizes operations, maintenance, and performance.
  • We work with you to assess the current facilities infrastructure; define the target operating model, and the roadmap to it; develop and deploy a tailored, flexible solution; and then, if required, run operations on an as-a-service basis.

Sub Offers

  • Embracing offline reporting facilitates comprehensive data collection, analysis, and actionable insights for energy conservation.
  • This approach provides reporting on basic KPIs related to energy usage and carbon footprint, alongside trend analysis. It also provides insights to enable the journey towards Net Zero Energy.

  • This solution allows real-time continuous monitoring and management of energy equipment on both the supply and demand sides, leveraging IoT technologies. Through alerts, events, and notifications, it facilitates connected equipment visualization and real-time assessment of energy usage and carbon impact. This capability empowers proactive supply and demand management, ensuring efficient energy utilization.

  • This solution takes center stage through AI and ML-based advanced controls. By integrating real-time monitoring and energy optimization, this solution drives highly efficient energy management and decarbonization efforts with prescriptive equipment maintenance.
  • The benefits include increased energy efficiency, improved asset utilization, and significant reductions in maintenance costs.
  • Through these innovative approaches, your organization can effectively address its energy needs while adhering to environmental constraints, paving the way for a sustainable future.

The result is an enterprise-wide architecture that measures and predicts metrics including indoor air quality, energy intensity, water intensity, health of critical assets, critical operations, renewable energy generation, and overall performance across all energy assets, enabling organizations to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings by up to 30%.

100% renewable energy at Capgemini's India office

Capgemini's Energy Command Center in India uses IoT to monitor energy across all campuses. Capgemini India offices now run entirely on renewable electricity

    Powering Sustainability with Capgemini's Energy Command Center

    Energy Command Center (ECC) – an initiative by Capgemini, built on IoT based architecture for intuitive resource management.

      Pursuing The Future We Want: Capgemini’s Energy Command Center

      At Capgemini, we are driven by a shared purpose: Unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. We are thrilled to introduce you to Capgemini’s first-ever Energy Command Center developed by our Corporate Real Estate Services team.

        Meet our experts

        Vincent Charpiot

        Executive Vice President, Head of Group Sustainability Accelerator
        I am a senior business executive and global business leader with extensive experience in helping clients manage their digital transformations. I lead the Group Sustainability Accelerator and my focus is to ensure we go to market with a unique Sustainability Services portfolio and ecosystem to help our clients on their journey to Net Zero, in an evolving ESG regulation.

        Nicolas Rousseau

        Chief digital and manufacturing officer, Capgemini Engineering | Group Offer Leader, Intelligent Products & Services | Executive Vice-President
        Nicolas Rousseau enables the intelligent industry. He brings his holistic view on technologies and business to work with companies to successfully imagine, build and operate new products and services. He has helped businesses transform, orient their R&D, reinvent their manufacturing and run customer experiences across the globe, in all industries.

        Smitha Chandran

        Senior Director, Digital Manufacturing, Capgemini Engineering
        Smitha Chandran is at the forefront of reshaping the future of manufacturing industry. As a Senior Director, Smitha plays a pivotal role within Capgemini’s Digital Manufacturing unit. Focused on client’s product design and development, she champions solutions that elevate efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed. Leveraging advanced technologies such as edge analytics, and Industrial AI/ML, Smitha refines manufacturing operations and delivers holistic product engineering solutions.

        Sanjeev Gupta

        VP, Engineering and R&D, Capgemini Engineering
        Sanjeev Gupta is a catalyst for the evolution of Intelligent Industry. With a comprehensive understanding of both technologies and business dynamics, he collaborates closely with companies to envision, construct, and optimize new products and services. Sanjeev’s expertise has been instrumental in facilitating business transformations, guiding R&D initiatives, revolutionizing manufacturing processes, and enhancing customer experiences on a global scale across diverse industries. His visionary outlook and strategic guidance continue to redefine industry standards, propelling businesses toward greater innovation and success.