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Digital core for utilities

Digital core for utilities

Smart investments for enhanced operational efficiency and business agility

Utilities are being challenged to transform business models and overcome competitive forces. Aging grid networks, environmental regulations, and the integration of smart technologies highlight the need for organizations to adapt, and ensure that their operations are resilient, connected, and dynamic.

The future of utilities relies on advancements in electricity distribution.

Smart grid technologies are enabling utilities to navigate the complex market landscape and thrive in an evolving energy sector. However, this transformation requires significant investment, a reinvention of business operations, and the latest technology.

Enterprises need a digital enabler that can improve the impact of investment, ensure grid asset productivity, and enhance business agility.

Digital core for utilities is the key to the future.

This comprehensive approach elevates core technologies and ensures that utilities are prepared for the future of electricity distribution. Our modern digital core helps organizations realize the full capability of smart grid technology with optimized grid operation and advanced asset management capabilities.

Leverage the power of digital core for utilities to create an agile ecosystem that connects every process and operation, transforms digital asset operations with improved services, and enables business agility and efficiency.

Are you ready to accelerate your journey to the renewable enterprise?

What we do

Effective capital programs are integral to the success of sustainable energy initiatives.

Manage the transition to renewable energy sources with investments that future-proof your business and meet the current demands of your network.
Ensure a seamless transition towards renewable energy with a digital core that grants transparency between investment plan and project execution, enables informed investment decisions, and makes use of intelligent asset management.
Digital core for utilities leverages SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM) to allow your organization to navigate the challenges presented by investment.
Capgemini’s experience as a transformation partner gives utilities the oversight needed to effectively manage capital programs that will future-proof their business.

Unlock operational efficiency within your network of assets.

Utilities often have thousands to hundreds of thousands of assets that are essential to the reliability and performance of their service and network, highlighting a need to achieve operational efficiency.
Ensure that your services and networks are reliable and optimized for success with a digital core that integrates a proactive approach to asset maintenance, achieves effective resource allocation, and emphasizes worker safety.
Digital core for utilities makes use of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to give utilities the necessary insights, data analysis, and real-time monitoring required to develop effective maintenance plans.
Capgemini is a global technology leader in supporting smart grid deployments. We deliver business value to utilities with our industry-leading experience.

Optimize your business’s responsiveness to industry shifts and service disruption.

We live in a realm where business agility is a key factor in determining success. Utilities must select a digital enabler that unleashes transformative impacts on investment, grid asset productivity, and future-proofs utility operations.
Manage asset networks, forecast maintenance needs, and evolve your operations according to modern energy demands by deploying cutting-edge solutions that integrate data-driven insights and intelligent technologies.
Capgemini gives utilities full access to our global end-to-end capabilities and range of services. Access the full power of Capgemini and unlock transformation within your organization
We can help your organization curate a digital core ecosystem that ensures sustained success in a rapidly evolving sector.
Connect with our experts to discover how your organization can enter the future of electricity distribution.

Our offers

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      The energy transition is a generation-defining challenge. 

      The energy transition will unleash vast opportunities to build a brighter future for all.

      Meet our experts

      James Forrest

      Group Industry Leader for Energy Transition and Utilities at Capgemini
      I lead in helping global clients with major business transformations involving smart grid, IoT, the reform of gas and electricity markets, major software and infrastructure changes, and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive significant business performance improvement.

      Elisabetta Spontoni

      Expert in Application Lifecycle, Applied Innovation, Digital Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities Innovation, SAP, SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA
      As Group Offer Leader for Digital Core, I’m responsible for driving the offer lifecycle end-to-end. This entails orchestrating SAP CoEs around the world and enabling them to achieve their missions through pre-sales/solutioning, offer promotion in the market, building Go-To-Market tools, talent management, and project delivery support. I am also the Global Head of SAP practices, comprised of more than 25,000 consultants around the globe.

      René Kerkmeester

      Global Vice President Smart Grid
      I lead in helping grid operators across the globe with major business transformations towards truly data driven organizations, enabling the transition to a renewable energy system. Examples of relevant business transformation areas include i.a. smart meter, smart substation, advanced asset management, control room of the future, data management and digital twin.