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Automotive Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Faster, further, together

Capgemini’s engineering expertise, combined with AWS Cloud, offers an opportunity to revolutionize the way we think about automotive experiences.

In today’s environment, automotive organizations must balance the need for new investments in software, data, and cloud while facing mounting pressure to cut costs and make sustainable transport affordable.  They must adapt the way they serve the customer, including new sales and service models.  In an era of unprecedented disruption, success depends on automakers’ ability to orchestrate multiple changes, from software-driven transformation to the shift to sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. And this ability depends, in turn, on collaboration.

Automotive organizations today face unprecedented challenges. The question is: How will they get the future they want?

We have teamed with AWS to develop joint solutions for the automotive industry. Our innovative platforms empower automotive leaders, manufacturers, and innovators to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Experience the power of AWS IoT and AI services, bringing unprecedented connectivity and intelligence to your vehicles. Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of AWS, ensuring your automotive systems are always adaptable and future-proof.

Our Solutions

  • Software Defined Vehicles

    The Software-Defined Vehicle is a new paradigm for the automotive industry.  Organizations need to transform fast to deliver new driver and passenger experiences.  We can help:
    • Enhancing Car Capabilities: Seamlessly Connecting Cloud and Chip. High-Performance Computing (HPC), Zonal Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architecture, connectivity, data management, and embedded software. Innovative feedback loops enable vehicles to continuously learn and improve, ensuring a state-of-the-art driving experience.
    • Efficient Software Development with DevSecOps: Combines industry-standard software engineering practices such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines with our extensive expertise in embedded automotive engineering. This enables us to deliver reliable software solutions while prioritizing security and agility.
    • Elevate Driver Experience: A wide range of new driver experiences, including engaging infotainment features, self-tuning autonomous driving assistance, optimized electric vehicle (EV) ranges, intuitive touch screen capabilities, and convenient voice command functionalities. These enhancements ensure an immersive and personalized driving experience.
  • Connected Mobility – Trusted Vehicle

    In today’s automotive landscape, while many cars are connected to the internet, there remains a significant gap in integrating interactions between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), repair shops, dealers, and charging stations. This lack of integration leads to heavy reliance on manual interventions and disjointed workflows. By leveraging integrated systems and automated processes, we bridge the gaps between OEMs, repair shops, dealers, and charging stations. This ensures a seamless and customer-centric approach, enhancing the overall ownership experience.

Learn how an electric bus manufacturer leveraged Capgemini and AWS Connected Mobility Solutions for fleet management:

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Accelerating Disruptive CASE Automotive Technologies with Capgemini’s Trusted Vehicle Solution on AWS

  • ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles with Driving Automation and Systems Validation (DASV)
    According to, 60% of road traffic injuries can be prevented by ADAS features. ADAS features including forward collision prevention, lane keeping, blind zone detection, forward pedestrian impact avoidance and backing collision avoidance can potentially save millions of lives every year. We can help you with:
    • AV/ADAS strategy: Regulatory approval; traceability, test reports and justification files for homologation; bootstrap test fleets; data collection and ingestion toolchains; architectures and pipelines.
    • World-wide hybrid data collection & ingestion: 65+ countries and 7m kilometers driven in EMEA, AMER & APAC.
    • Simulation & Validation: using the most powerful AWS EC2 instances and machine learning models that safeguard customers from making mistakes in the real world.
  • Product Engineering, PLM with Digital Continuity
    Manufacturers are facing challenges to develop increasingly complex products, which require strong collaboration from all domains and disciplines. Manufacturers need a way achieve end-to-end digital continuity across the entire product lifecycle by seamlessly integrating ideation, engineering, manufacturing, and aftersales into one unified digital collaboration.

    We deploy Siemens Teamcenter on the AWS Industrial Data Fabric, so customers can focus on the important things: Building Better Products Faster and Cheaper.
  • Smart Factory with Predictive Asset Maintenance
    Our Predictive Asset Maintenance solution leverages IoT technology and predictive analytics to monitor equipment health and predict failures. The solution leverages next-generation data collection, analytics, and communication with AWS AI and ML services to help you move from a reactive to a proactive approach to maintenance. This translates to improvements in overall equipment effectiveness, reduction in maintenance costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, with our pre-configured analytics, you can accelerate deployment by up to 50%.
  • Supply Chain with Trusted Logistics
    Our Trusted Logistics solution provides real-time visibility into shipments. It leverages AWS IoT and Blockchain tracking and monitoring, offering greater visibility into shipments and real-time alerts in case of issues.

Learn how we supported the BMW Group with a AWS solution to evaluate real-time IoT-based data to precisely monitor vehicles throughout the distribution process:

  • SAP on AWS
    Learn how Tevva, a hydrogen-electric truck and technology manufacturer will future-proof its vision of delivering sustainable transport by implementing SAP on AWS:

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Meet our experts

Rahul Khandelwal

Chief Architect (Digital & Cloud)
I am an Enterprise Cloud Architect with expertise in leading Business Transformation and App Modernization plans for automotive customers using cloud native technologies.

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