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Harness the power of IoT for real-time shipping visibility and alerts

When shipping goods around the world, fraud, counterfeiting, adulteration, and spoilage all pose a considerable risk. Although real-time monitoring could prevent these issues from happening, many organizations lack the ability to track or take preventive action due to legacy infrastructure. This limited visibility and traceability can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and cost organizations billions of dollars.

Monitor your shipments with Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics

To help organizations solve this problem, Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics solution provides real-time visibility into shipments. It leverages IoT for cloud-based tracking and monitoring that offers greater visibility into shipments and provides real-time alerts in case of issues. To ensure security and reduce fraud and counterfeiting, it also leverages blockchain.

  • Tracking: Intuitive map view for easy container tracking
  • Health statistics: Real-time view into container health, including status of maintenance and recovery following failures
  • Scalability: Cloud-based flexibility to scale up and down according to demand
  • 24-hour alerts: Always-on incident dashboard shows incident status, intrusion alerts, and warnings when monitoring parameters exceed acceptable ranges

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