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ADMnext^Data: Unleashing infinite data possibilities

Becoming a data master – The potential that data-driven ADM services hold for your business

With 40 trillion gigabytes of data in the world (and counting), the growth potential and number of applications for your data estate are limitless. And it’s the data-powered organizations that are positioning themselves to take full advantage of their data and apply it as a strategic asset, which are primed for bright futures.

We call these data-powered enterprises “data masters.”In a recent Capgemini Research Institute report, entitled The Data-powered Enterprise, it was found that data masters outperform competitors with an advantage of between 30% and 90% across customer engagement, top-line growth, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

Unlocking the true value of your data estate with ADMnext^Data

A true data master will excel through comprehensive data estate modernization, thorough data maturity assessments and transformation, insightful AIOps, and heightened business observability. Strong Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) capabilities are critical in achieving this – and ensuring that you realize the full value of your data and AI.

ADMnext^Data enables you to unleash infinite data possibilities by managing your data as a strategic asset and building a data and AI-powered organizational framework. This helps you make better decisions with real-time insights and reap substantial business and customer experience transforming benefits from the huge potential that your wealth of data holds. We do this by:

  • Crafting a comprehensive business case and roadmap through a complete data estate analysis and strategy with Advantage ROI
  • Harnessing business data through intuitive, data-empowered decision-making capabilities with IDEA and 890 by Capgemini

To learn more about how Capgemini’s ADMnext^Data offering can help you transform into a leading data master, download the brochure above and contact our experts below.

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