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Embedding future-ready skills in students

Enabling students from diverse backgrounds to make informed career choices using STEM and coding

The Capgemini STEM, Tinkering and Coding Program encourages students from diverse backgrounds to learn skills that integrate multi-disciplinary fields such as Electronics, Mechanics, IoT, and Computer Technology.

The program leverages existing facilities in government schools equipped with Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs), InnoSTE(A)M labs and 137 schools with computer labs. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, this program reached out to over 1,000 students and young people through fun activities and digital camps.

One such beneficiary is Mushahid Khan, who participated in the Google India Code to Learn contest. A resident of Ghatkopar in Mumbai, Mushahid lives with his parents, Farzana and Idris Khan, and Arsalan, his 10-year-old younger brother. Mushahid is a student of Class VIII’s afternoon division of Maneklal Municipal Hindi School, while his brother studies in the afternoon division of Class V.

Their family originally hails from a village in the Banda district of UP. They have been living in Mumbai for the past 15 years in search of better occupation and educational and development opportunities for the two brothers. His father, Idris, has held several jobs over the years, the most recent being an auto-rickshaw driver. Prior to this, he worked in a managerial role at a footwear store. Mushahid’s mother, Farzana, is a homemaker and spends most of her time caring for her family and relatives.

Both the brothers have big dreams for their future. Arsalan wants to become a commando in the Gorkha regiment of the Indian Army someday.

On the other hand, Mushahid wants to become a software engineer. And it seems that he has had a good start by getting involved in a creative project that addresses the lack of a safe and happy environment for children of his age to grow up in. By developing this project, he has reached the final round of Google’s Code To Learn contest.

Mushahid’s interactive scratch game allows users to learn to take care of babies. Throughout the game, the users are faced with situations (levels) in which a baby is not entirely safe, where their mental or physical health might be at risk. The user then has to identify these risks and fix them. By doing that, they will solve a level. They will be rewarded by a title at the end of each level. On completing all the levels, they will earn the title of “Shandaar Mr
Papa/ Adbhut Mrs Mummy”.

The game aims to create a platform that could raise awareness about child safety and help parents feel a sense of achievement by recognising their efforts in raising their children.

Elaborating on this achievement, Mushahid’s instructor, Anku Kumar Dubey said that Mushahid came up with the need for safe and happy environments for children in his locality. ”He wanted to make something that could raise awareness of child safety among parents and children themselves. At the same time, he also wanted to make something that would thank his parents for their efforts in his development as a person,” says Dubey.

This project is a small reflection of the nature of this young learner.