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Client Stories

Spanish Water Utility Consolidates for Effective Business Management

Aguas de Valencia Group collaborates with Capgemini to accelerate deployment of mySAP Business Suite on diverse business architecture to significantly improve productivity.

“ Our partnership with Capgemini has allowed us to optimize information management and improve overall productivity. Capgemini’s use of harmonious tools, accelerated deployment techniques based on industry best practices, and unique collaborative approach exceeded our expectations. ”Jaime Jos Castillo Soria, Director de Sistemas de Gestion, Aguas de Valencia Group

The Situation

Aguas de Valencia Group specializes in management services and processes that integrate important components of the water cycle in Valencia, Spain. In recent years, the Group has witnessed rapid growth in, and diversification of, its business activities. Examples like complementary services for treated water supply to industries, wastewater treatment, desalination, irrigation and sewage management, maintaining the sewage network, urban waste collection, road cleaning and vehicle inspection have led to complexities that are difficult to manage and integrate into the Group’s traditional framework. Challenges that demanded attention included:

  • optimized management of all business activities of the Group
  • standardized internal work processes
  • optimal resource management
  • integrated data from all subsidiaries that co-existed in the same IT infrastructure
  • a single snapshot view of the entire business for effective MIS.

The Solution

After extensive evaluation, the Group realised that mySAP Business Suite offered a best of breed solution. Capgemini was entrusted to deploy this using its accelerated tools and methodologies. To strengthen the solution and help address specific challenges for complexity and diversity, Capgemini aggregated new analysis fields and added a greater degree of integration to the SAP applications. The solution now provides a single snapshot view of the entire business, covering areas like:

  • General Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Materials Management
  • Sale of Materials
  • Purchases
  • Cash and near-cash items
  • Assets
  • Accounts Payable.

The Result

Thanks to Capgemini’s input, the Group is now successfully equipped with a new information and management system that allows it to optimize internal resources and deliver enhanced services to its clients. Key productivity improvements in operational areas have been realized through:

  • automation of processes
  • centralization of masters
  • reporting autonomy
  • integrity, transparency, auditing, traceability and a register of data ensured via Dynamic Data Management.

The solution has further helped the Group optimize its resource management processes, allowing it to perfect the individualized assignment of costs to disparate businesses that are part of the Group and the diverse services that they provide. Reduction of general costs has allowed the Group to reinvest the return on investment for the benefit of its clients.