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Client Stories

RAST Positions Itself for Future Growth

With Capgemini’s help, Polish food retailer RAST has put into place a strategy and set of solutions designed to unify the company’s operations and enable further growth.

“ Capgemini’s experience was a big help for us to define our strategy for further development. We have been collaborating for one year. At the start our people were reluctant about the cooperation. But acting in a very professional way, Capgemini brought us to the place where we are now. We believe we are better organized, better managed and we are prepared for success in the future. I hope for further collaboration with Capgemini. It was a good choice. ”Marek Romanowski, Vice President, RAST

The Situation

RAST S.A. is a Polish food retailer with operations in the Northeast region of Poland. The company was created through a series of acquisitions of several small retailers, and now operates 20 stores with a total area of 28,000 square meters. The stores emphasize fresh assortment and high-quality products and are located in commercial centers and in upper-income suburban areas.

As part of its development strategy, RAST recently merged with two other industry players, leading to the establishment of the sixth largest food distribution and retailer group in Poland, with expected annual revenue of €400 million. The group’s parent company is BOMI S.A., which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Following the merger, the company wanted to develop a unified and improved organization in order to enable further growth.

The Solution

RAST called on Capgemini to help top management reach consensus regarding the company’s future strategy, including formats, principles and the targeted organization. Capgemini and RAST designed a strategy and set of solutions that allowed fast selection and implementation of an ERP system, as well as improvement of the current operations. Solutions focused on areas such as assortment strategy, consumer value proposition improvement and performance management.

The Result

Due to the strong involvement of RAST’s management and employees, full ownership of these solutions took place quickly, enabling the parent company to roll out the solutions across the group and establish new management, including a significant number of RAST managers. The new strategy and solutions have resulted in organizational and management improvements and a better positioning for future development.