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Client Stories

Process mining optimizes the automotive customer experience

Customer Name: BMW Groupcompany
Region: Germany
Sector: Automotive

Using advanced analytics and a new set of processes, Capgemini and a leading German OEM took an innovative approach to complaint management as part of transforming the IT Service Desk

Customer Name: BMW Group

Sector: Automotive

Region: Germany

Client challenge: Improving the IT Service Desk user experience by enhancing the understanding and processing of feedback

Solution: Improvements in end user services by redesigning the process of handling tickets and complaints, implementing process mining, data science, and Capgemini best practices


  • 53% reduction in number of complaints
  • 93.5% of responses to more than 12,000 messages within SLA limit of 30 minutes
  • 29 successfully implemented advanced analytics projects
  • High customer satisfaction

Applying customer feedback to drive improvement

A drive for excellence and the very best quality is often also reflected in premium brands’ internal services. One such case is the BMW IT User Care Center, which solves employee queries regarding the BMW Group’s applications.

Expertise within the automotive industry was required to define opportunities for further improving the IT service experience and identifying suitable methods to do so. Based upon a successful history of application services as well as numerous examples of deliveries related to improving the user experience, the BMW Group selected Capgemini to implement the transformation.

Analytics provide insight into customer feedback

Working together, the partners developed a plan to introduce a solution they called User Care Center 2.0. The partners began by incorporating IT process performance analytics completed by a dedicated data scientist. Conducting an end-to-end analysis of complaints facilitated the identification of process gaps and inefficiencies. This provided a new level of insight into the areas that the company could target in order to improve the overall user experience.

Next, the partners applied specialized process mining to study event log datasets, thereby identifying previously unnoticed trends and details. This, coupled with the implementation of the Qlikview analytics platform, produced and visualized sophisticated business analysis. Finally, Capgemini implemented A3 Thinking, a lean problem-solving methodology that helped develop the most effective responses to each individual complaint.

Delivering upon user input

The multi-part approach to complaint management within its IT User Care Center makes it possible to pinpoint the areas in which the BMW Group could implement substantial improvements in customer service. With new processes and technology in place, representatives respond to complaints much more quickly, with 93.5% of tickets now addressed within 30 minutes by a dedicated team. As a result, customers know that their concerns are being promptly addressed and their input will help develop even more effective services.

The IT User Care Center has successfully transformed into a more agile organization driven by analytics-based insights from its key stakeholder group. The combination of analytics, modern technology, and new ways of working targeted at self-improvement provides a sustainable solution that will continue to form the basis of outstanding customer service in the future.