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Integrated monitoring solution helps major energy company increase safety and profitability

A leading European energy company uses the latest hardware, software, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in a comprehensive solution architected by Capgemini to monitor its oil refining systems.

The company wanted to lead the industry in efforts to reduce the risk of carbon-based atmospheric fuel leaks. It needed better monitoring approaches so maintenance personnel could address issues more rapidly and prevent unexpected and costly downtime.  Capgemini engineered a real-time loss detection and asset monitoring system which supplements the client’s existing solution. The solution integrates IoT devices, backend systems, monitoring software, and cloud-based services for more in-depth insights.

The solution offers long-term ROI. Since the monitoring system helps increase uptime and avoid operational delays, it pays for itself by maximizing gas output and minimizing customer service interruptions. Identified leaks are addressed more rapidly so the company also avoids revenue losses – and environmental impact – associated with escaped fuel.  The new system offers capabilities to deploy new services, extending the value of the company’s customer-centric operations, and creates new revenue streams.

Developing the IoT-based analytics and monitoring system included Capgemini’s work with Intel Corporation to develop an end-to-end solution for tracking the asset lifecycle. Intel’s proven hardware, software, and security ecosystem, including Intel gateways and XIoT framework, enable the system’s underlying architecture.

These Intel ingredients, in combination with Capgemini’s industry experience, XIoT middleware, and analytics capabilities, create a fully integrated system. The result is a customizable, secure end-to-end IoT platform solution, available “as-a-service” and ready for deployment.

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Philippe Ravix
Global XIoT Lead, EMEA

Revathy Rajendran
Global Sales Enablement