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5G and Edge


Industry 4.0′ is poised to revolutionize manufacturing, and at the heart of this revolution are mobile technologies like 5G IoT. These cutting-edge technologies lay the foundation for innovation by facilitating the integration of AI and machine into the industrial realm. The result? A seamless wireless environment that empowers businesses with unparalleled visibility and control across every facet of operations. Increasingly, the industrial sector is looking to obtain exclusive access to network resources using private networks. 

In this meticulously crafted whitepaper by industry experts from Capgemini and the GSMA Digital Industries forum, we take a deep dive into the critical role private networks play within the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Some of the key discussion points are: 

Ownership Models Unveiled 

The whitepaper discusses a spectrum of ownership models, ranging from Standalone Non-Public Networks (SNPN), Public Network Integrated Non-Public Networks (PNI-NPN) and Neutral Host Networks (NHN). We examine the dynamic interplay between industrial enterprises, connectivity providers, and network management. Will a SNPN be managed internally, by a mobile network operator (MNO), or by a third-party vendor? Can a PNI-NPN be jointly managed? These are the questions that are addressed. 

Deployment Possibilities Explored 

By examining real-world use cases, from automated guided vehicles to smart tools and XR applications, we paint a vivid picture of how private networks are propelling industries toward unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation. 

Tailoring Solutions to Requirements 

We delve into the specific needs and requirements of industrial and manufacturing sectors for private networks. This serves as a compass, guiding enterprises toward crafting tailored solutions that align with their unique operational demands. 

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