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Technovision 2022–23: public sector edition

An insider look at the ways technology trends are impacting public sector organizations. Welcome to the 14th publication of our annual technology guide – public sector edition.

As the world grows more complex, we rely increasingly on technology to keep things simple. For the public sector – with its unique responsibility to citizens – keeping up with change is a must. For leaders within the public sector, it’s also a clear path to creating impact where it matters most.

The theme of TechnoVision 2022–23 is “Being Like Water,” a mere ripple away from the 2021-22 edition, “Be Like Water.” Why the similar titles? Because fluidity, adaptability, agility, and responsiveness cannot be over-emphasized. They are guiding principles for nearly all business technology, and they continue to steer decision making going into 2023. In a world of unending uncertainty, the ability to adapt is everything. The challenges that public servants face are not only immense; they are immensely unpredictable. So, how can public sector leaders act decisively in a world that changes by the news hour?

One answer lies in new technologies

Governments around the globe use technology to shape their responses to critical issues ranging from energy security, healthcare, through rapid climate change, to new data laws, and continuing geopolitical tensions. Technology and data help public sector organizations to deliver better services to citizens, create smarter and greener places to live, and provide better healthcare and education. Data management is also key to ensuring that these services are provided fairly and without bias.

The key trends going into 2023

We’re delighted to introduce the Public Sector Edition of our TechnoVision report, our annual guide to what’s new and what’s coming next in the world of technology.

In TechnoVision 2022-23, we’ve focused on business-tech trends in seven containers:

  • Invisible infrastructure: how to turn IT Infrastructure into a simple, pluggable utility
  • Applications unleashed: how cloud is giving the application landscape a new freedom
  • Thriving on data: leveraging data and algorithms to the fullest
  • Process on the fly: building and orchestrating superior processes
  • You experience: creating seamless user experience that resonates with customers
  • We Collaborate: harnessing the collaborative power of… pretty much everything
  • Balance by Design: how your organization can be like water

Written by a diverse team of experts and practitioners from around the world, TechnoVision 2022-23 Public Sector Edition brings together practical, technology-driven studies from across forms of government. It uses cases, stories, and insight to position the trends and innovations we believe demand the most attention, in a time of endless complexity and change.

Meet our experts

Melissa Hatton

AI Strategy Lead, Capgemini Government Solutions
“AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it does offer vast possibilities. To design the right applications we must understand the organization’s objectives and constraints, put ethical considerations first, and democratize AI and data by empowering people across the organization to work more effectively with them. The goal of AI should always be to enhance the human experience without placing any group at a disadvantage.”

Shobha Meera