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On-Demand Webinar: The Importance of a Strong Security Culture

An exclusive virtual gathering for peer-to-peer security conversations

Hosted by Capgemini and featuring Forrester Research

Today’s CISOs and security leaders face a myriad of new challenges every day to keep their organizations safeguarded. Staying on top of the ever-changing security landscape doesn’t necessarily require the latest shiny technology, but rather a thoroughly vetted strategy and winning team.

Watch our strategic security discussion with Forrester Research to learn the important steps to enhancing your organization’s security culture in 2022 and beyond. Gain insights to help increase retention, acceptance of new concepts and become a more effective and efficient security organization.

In this panel, Capgemini and Forrester Research review and discuss the empowering security culture concepts and processes practiced by successful teams.

This session explores:

  • What is “security culture” and why is enabling it so important?
  • What does a winning security culture look like?
  • What are the six actions to take for success?

Duration: 60 mins