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Innovation Games – a showcase of success

Innovation Nation Special Edition Quote1 Manuel SevillaOne of the things of which I’m most proud in my role at Capgemini is the development of our Innovation Games. They act as a showcase for some of the best things we can achieve for our organization, and more importantly, for our clients.

Capgemini people are asked to nominate themselves or others for projects that really make a difference. The three awards categories this year were Intelligent Automation, Customer Value, and Growth, and entrants were whittled down to three finalists in each category. The short case studies below provide a summary of these nine projects.

The importance of teamwork

The Games are all about teams, not individuals. The best innovation happens when people get together, and spark ideas off one another – which is why 2020 was obviously a challenge. While the projects themselves had been initiated or in some cases even largely completed before the pandemic struck, the near-global lockdown made organizing the competition less straightforward than usual. Clearly, innovation was needed here, too!

Innovation Nation Special Edition Quote2 Manuel Sevilla

Our teams came together to present using online meetings platforms. Some participants were unaccustomed to what we might call front-of-house roles such as this, so we ensured that everyone received coaching before they presented to Capgemini management, and also in front of their peers.

Each category had its own event and its own jury, and there was a grand final, too. There were winners in the three categories, an overall winner, and there was also a “People’s Choice” award, because everyone at Capgemini was able to watch the events online, and was able to vote. It was a useful and enjoyable way to extend skills, and to share best practice.

The Frictionless Enterprise – tangible benefits

The Games are still a fairly new initiative, but they are rapidly becoming an institution that is truly international in its scope. They enable us to demonstrate that the seamless and effortless flow of information and collaboration across an organization – what we at Capgemini call the Frictionless Enterprise – is not just a digital principle, but something that delivers tangible financial and efficiency benefits.

I hope you enjoy reading these testaments to the success of our teams in their work for just some of the many organizations we serve. At Capgemini, our tagline is: “Get the future you want.” These case studies demonstrate our determination to help our clients do just that.

Manuel Sevilla, Chief Digital Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services
Manuel Sevilla, Chief Digital Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services