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Hot tech takes from MWC 2024

Welcome to our four-episode podcast series, recorded live at Mobile World Congress 2024. Each episode features an exclusive interview with a leading industry expert, providing you with unparalleled insights into the amazing technology showcased at MWC and its impact on the Telco business and networks. Our expert guests will take you through the latest advancements in the industry, explore the emerging trends, and share their expert views on the future of Telco business and networks. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge technology shaping the world we live in today.

Episode 1: Open to Innovation

Hosted by Shamik Mishra, CTO of Connectivity at Capgemini ER&D, the interview dives into the technologies enabling telcos to become more open. From digital service APIs, GSMA’s Open Gateway and CAMARA initiatives to new internet, the industry observes rapid evolutionary changes in network functionality and capability. To determine how exactly we apply these technologies to real-life business, Shamik is joined by Juan Carlos Garcia, Senior Vice President at Telefonica – one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.

Speaker – Juan Carlos García
SVP Technology Innovation & Ecosystem

Episode 2: Open RAN: A Catalyst of Innovation

In this episode Shamik Mishra continues his quest to discover today’s telcos’ readiness for becoming more open. Here, Shamik is joined by Paco Martin Pignatelli – Vodafone’s Head of Open RAN. As one of the key organizations re-shaping the industry towards more intelligent, open, virtualized, and fully interoperable mobile networks, telecom giant Vodafone is at the forefront of ecosystem building for widespread O-RAN adoption. Together with Shamik, Paco Martin answers the big question of where Open RAN will be in five years.

Speaker – Francisco Martin Pignatelli
Head of Open RAN

Episode 3: The Future of Intelligent Managed Services

In this episode, Nikhil Gulati, Head of Intelligent Support Services at Capgemini ER&D, seeks to shape a view on the future of managed network services, where AI and machine learning will be catalysts for change. Intelligent managed network services will incorporate tailored, seamless customer experiences, new commercial models, multiple technologies, and an increasingly complex, multi-tenant, multi-domain environment. So, what is the way forward? To help answer this question, Nikhil is joined by Kailem Anderson, Vice President and General Manager at Ciena, and Franco Messori, Chief Strategy Officer at Infovista.


Kailem Anderson
Head of Services
Ciena Blueplanet

Franco Messori
Chief Strategy Officer

Episode 4: A quest for a sustainable network

Hosted by Subhankar Pal, Innovation Lead at Capgemini ER&D, the episode focuses on the energy required to run the Telco business. One study predicts that telco data center power usage alone will reach 8% by 2030. And that’s not including towers, devices, or the associated transport and infrastructure. The industry has a challenge when it comes to its carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. But are we tackling that challenge? And, if so, are we tackling it fast enough? To help Subhankar answer these questions, he is joined by Sindhu Xirasagar, Senior Director for Wireless Software Solutions at Intel Corporation, and John Oates, Wireless System Engineering Manager at Analog Devices.


Sindhu Xirasagar
Senior Director Wireless Software Solutions
Intel Corporation

John Oates
Wireless System Engineering Manager
Analog Devices (ADI)

Each new generation of mobile technology has delivered more: More data. More devices. More efficiency. But it’s time to broaden our view of network technology – focusing not just on what it brings today, but what more we can build with it tomorrow.