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Enterprise management

Exclusive playbook and webinar replay:
Your digital success model for the next normal with everest and capgemini

A blueprint for cracking the code to Enterprise IT in this new age of disruption

The pandemic has had immense impacts on the ways in which market leaders operate their businesses and how they engage with the customers they serve – fostering an urgency to improve productivity, optimize costs, and address mounting talent issues.

Many prominent organizations are now heavily focusing on Enterprise IT initiatives that bring rapid innovation to meet and exceed employee and customer expectations. They’re also looking to deliver the necessary agility to adapt in this changing ecosystem, and grow their businesses based on the pillars of heightened security, governance, and social impacts.

Five months into the pandemic, nearly 72% of companies were chiefly concerned with accelerating and changing their business models, responding to shifting market requirements, and becoming more agile in this new normal.
Everest Group

However, common patterns that impede the success, scalability, and sustainability of Enterprise IT transformation initiatives include a lack of governance, non-conducive cultures, a resistance to change, and a lack of support.

So, how do you shape your Enterprise IT to guarantee that you not only survive – but thrive – in this “next normal?”

Enterprise IT strategies for outperforming in the next normal with resiliency, responsiveness, reliability, and receptivity

In this comprehensive playbook, Everest details how the fundamentals of solid Enterprise IT strategies in the next normal are coalescing into the areas of resiliency, responsiveness, reliability, and receptivity. They provide you with actionable insights and knowledge on how you can outperform the market with Enterprise IT strategies that foster:

  • The resiliency to avoid disruptions
  • The responsiveness to rapidly react to market conditions
  • The reliability to demonstrate a sense of security
  • The receptivity to focus on stakeholder needs

Download the full playbook to find out how you can reap these benefits and more – and prime your Enterprise IT and applications for success in the post-pandemic world.

The digital success model for the next normal webinar: Leading in this new age of disruption

In the accompanying webinar replay below, our experts unpack everything detailed in the playbook and lay out how you can thrive in the face of disruption and lead in this new disruptive era with a dynamic Enterprise IT plan. Watch the video below where Everest Group’s Alisha Mittal (Vice President), and Capgemini’s Gary James (Global ADMnext Offer Lead) and David Aline (Europe AMS CoE Leader) answer and explore the following core questions:

  • How are key enterprise objectives evolving in this next normal?
  • What are the new fundamentals of successful Enterprise IT strategies?
  • How can you prepare and renew your IT organization to align with these new fundamentals?
  • What does it take to achieve real digital success in this next normal?
  • How can you scale innovation in this continuously disruptive environment?
  • And how can you do this rapidly and cohesively across your organization?

And to learn more about Capgemini’s wider ADMnext offering, click here.

Meet our Experts

Clifton Menezes

Executive Vice-President – Technology Solutions and Go-To-Market.
“We see our ADMnext engagements as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our customers by supporting them in their transformation journey as a trusted partner. Our approach is end-to-end, encompasses all layers of the stack, and is aimed at elevating customer experience and uplifting business value, while demonstrating our cost-effectiveness, transformational abilities, and agility.”

Gary James

Expert in SAP

David Aline

ADM Services and Transformation Expert
I lead the European ADM Center of Excellence for Capgemini with responsibility for a team of more than 100 Solution Architects who accompany our clients on their journeys to a more effective, flexible, and business-aligned way of delivering Application Services. Since Agile, move to Cloud, and hyper-automation have deeply changed the way in which Application Services are delivered, my personal mission is to ensure that all our largest clients are able to exploit the best ADM services – and that we’re always delivering on the promises we make.