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Accelerating Partner Finance Expansion, Buy Now Pay Later, And Embedded Finance in Banking Industry

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a financing option that allows customers to purchase goods or services and defer their payment. It has gained popularity in the e-commerce industry as it provides a more accessible and flexible alternative to traditional credit options. Customers can break up the purchase cost into interest-free payments over a predetermined period.

However, BNPL comes with risks such as overspending and potential negative impacts on credit scores. Despite the risks, the BNPL industry has grown rapidly worldwide. Many banks in the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia offer BNPL facilities to their customers, and major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Apple have partnered with BNPL providers. The market size of BNPL is projected to increase significantly in these regions. Regulatory bodies play a crucial role in ensuring fair and responsible practices in the BNPL market.

Vivek Dubey

Both BNPL and Embedded Finance require partnerships, and predicting the right partnership between Banks, Merchants, and Consumers defines sustainable-success

– Vivek Dubey, Senior Manager, Financial Services, Capgemini UK

Discover how Innovation leaders drive BNPL success, collaborating with stakeholders to ensure adoption and growth.


Ranjan Pradhan

Senior Director, Applied Innovation Exchange

Vivek Dubey

Senior Manager, Financial Services,Capgemini UK

Sanju Nair

Vice President Financial ServicesCapgemini United States of America