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Ace your career with Capgemini


A brand stands out among its competitors by virtue of it’s personality, the values the brand follows and the way of doing business that gives it a competitive edge. Capgemini is one such brand which operates ethically (the serial “most ethical company” awards speak heaps about this trait) and is driven by its core values, irrespective of the geography.

I got myself an opportunity to be a part of this organization while I was doing my masters in management, through a campus placement drive. Capgemini is invested in college-company collaboration via “guest lectures”, “summer internships”, “live projects” and similar other initiatives. The moment I came to know about the placement process, I enquired about the company from a career and professional development perspective from batch seniors, alums and faculty. The one thing that stood out from the feedback was that the company provides ample opportunities for individuals to shape their careers by internal shifts as per the skill and passion of the employee, decision making even in the smallest-but-impactful tasks, and regular dipsticks (not only during review cycles) with the employees to understand their desires and find out what is bothering them.

I was positive about the company and scaled through their hiring process. Currently, I am working as a Business Analyst in AppsTwo business unit which caters to Non-USA regions. Since the day I was inducted, the core values of the organization made their presence felt in every aspect. The induction program made sure the FUN is intact while the work goes on. Once I got into the business unit, there is a plan in place curated for the new recruits from Learning and Development team – a mentor is assigned to each employee to have their daily hassles addressed in addition to impart knowledge about the actual business that is carried on by the BU. This exemplifies the TRUST core value, which the organization places in their employees and empowers them continuously.

The professionals who have been in the organization for quite some time are actually the torch-bearers of the brand Capgemini. And interaction with many of them exposed me to BOLDNESS core value since the company nurtures entrepreneurial mindset of the employees and considers the inputs and decisions made by employees irrespective of the hierarchy, and keeping the risk of the business in mind. Not just that, the implementation of ideas is also coordinated by the senior employees. This quality helps an individual grow as a business professional to a great extent and helps fuel their aspiration.

The presence of Capgemini across digital channels and knowledge sharing through industry reports, leader conversations, research insights etc showcase the adaptability of the organization to emerging trends in the business landscape.

I am positive about my tenure with this organization and I have no qualms about the opportunities I will come across down the line which will help my personal growth and the organization growth in the long run.