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Learning and development

What future do you want? At Capgemini, we believe in the vital role that learning and development plays in helping you achieve your objectives

All our people are given the opportunity to grow their career with a continuous learning program that ensures they stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies while also growing their soft skills. We embed learning into our daily work and culture while striving to create learning experiences that are unique to each individual’s needs so as you work to rewrite the future for our clients and communities, you are also rewriting the future of your career.

We offer a large range of courses that focus on different skillsets, all available in a variety of formats. We have partnered with some of the world’s leading learning and development content providers, such as Pluralsight, Harvard ManageMentor and Spark and Coursera to create our Next digital learning platform. Next gives our learners access to 250,000+ courses, 3 million learning activities from 1200 sources, and numerous external certifications.

“As an L&D Leader, I aim to build capabilities which are future-focused. My vision is to leverage technology and design a sustainable Learning & Development Ecosystem to drive the mindset of Learn-Unlearn-Relearn.”

– Gayathri Ramamurthy, Vice President, Learning & Development – India, Capgemini

Learning journeys that fit your needs


We offer flexible, personalized learning journeys with the freedom to decide when and what you want to learn. You also get access to the latest technologies, functional skills and industry developments.


We put the focus on hard and soft skills with collaborative, innovative approaches. This includes professional networking opportunities and access to content from leading learning and development content providers.


We provide industry-recognized courses and certifications and intuitive tools, accessible from anywhere at anytime. These offer modern, innovative learning experiences with leading-edge content.

Exceller Academia 

Through Exceller Academia we provide training to Young Professionals and make them future-ready for faster project deployment.  Exceller Academia training model is designed based on our past experiences, industry trends, and current business scenarios, with Capgemini’s continued focus on bringing diverse talents together to spark innovation! Under this training, trainees gain experiential learning by leveraging Digital platforms. They also get the opportunity to work on real-life use cases early on for faster deployment & enhance the ability of technologies.

As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance policy, we have set an objective to:

Increase average learning hours per employee by 5% every year to ensure regular lifelong learning.

Visit our dedicated ESG pages for further detail.

CSR supported by Digital Training Academy (DTA)

The Digital Training Academy forms an integral part of the Capgemini’s CSR efforts, and as part of our vision for the programs, we aim to leverage Capgemini’s expertise to create efficient processes, thereby transforming the lives of marginalized students belonging to the programs. 

Throughout the lifecycle of all CSR – DTA projects, the Learning and Development (L&D) team works (on a pro bono basis) in several capacities to ensure the efficacy of the training and placement processes to achieve desired outcomes. The team is intricately involved to ensure that the quality of course-delivery is maintained, and that all evaluation assessments & frameworks are in place.

Our different approaches

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Behavioral training offerings

This program is a unique opportunity to benefit from cutting edge managerial best practices, behaviors markers and translate our ways of working and our collaboration style through renewed managerial practices.

This program is designed to support learners demonstrate greater confidence, command of the room, excellent delivery (face-to-face and virtual), and enhance their overall executive presence

O.N.E. is aimed at all newly hired or promoted VPs and is designed to understand the leadership profile required to drive the group objectives and ambition.

Calendar-based training programs

Learner need-based programs

Groom managers to be a catalyst in achieving organizational goals of productivity, profitability

2-year PGDM qualification for Top Talent offered in collaboration with SIBM, Pune

Our programs offer flexible, personalized learning journeys with the freedom to decide when and what you want to learn through unlimited access to content from leading learning and development providers.

Mixing opportunities to attend learning events in France and India with numerous virtual learning events, our learning programs are also a unique opportunity for you to connect with colleagues around the globe and expand your networks.

Innovative and immersive learning takes you out of the classroom to learn soft and hard skills in a blended format, putting learning by doing front and center.

From think tanks to hackathons, immersive learning takes you out of the classroom to develop your knowledge and solve real business challenges while completing industry-recognized certifications.

We take a comprehensive, hands-on approach to learning that allows for collaborative work with colleagues all around the world. That could be anything from connecting virtually with new colleagues through an in-depth learning program or coming together face-to-face at one of our campuses to participate in a think tank.

Through our learning programs, you work on your individual growth as well as the growth of your teams and the business as a whole. You’ll belong to an inclusive network of people who will be there to support, encourage and inspire you every step of the way.

The Industry Academy Framework

A holistic experience-based space designed to grow our learners from awareness to certification.

What are some of the programs you can look forward to throughout your learning journey at Capgemini? With learning programs that focus on upskilling while following the latest market trends, we have something for everyone.
Our Connected Manager program gives our future leaders the tools and skills to build real connections with their team members. Cloud Campus, meanwhile, is our new unified Cloud learning hub – one place to take the guesswork out of learning, where all of us can come together to learn, share, and connect with other learners around the world.

To us, learning is about being creative and trying new things. This is why our learning programs are an opportunity to experiment with different ideas and solutions.

We take a modern approach to learning using intuitive tools, accessible from anywhere at any time. With our world-class facilities in France, India and North America, we flip the traditional classroom and give you a chance to take a deep-dive into your learning through collaborative and innovative methods.

Technology training offerings

Portal for information on Technology Offerings.
 Includes information on Skill Journeys, Blended Learning Programs, Hyperscaler Certifications, Masterclass, ILT/VILT,

An end-to-end career plan offering a dynamic, visible, future-proof career model.

Complementing self driven learning on the Next Digital Platform with trainer mentoring sessions for query resolutions, reiterating the concepts and hands-on demos. Suitable for Upskilling, Reskilling & Building Technology Skilled Workforce.

Self learning with well defined certification readiness pathways which includes trainer mentoring sessions, focus on labs and practice assessments. To equip employees to become ready to take up hyperscaler certifications.

Customised programs & project specific requirements. Targeted for deployment

Premium Instructor Led Workshop Sessions with Capgemini context, having a task-based learning approach, practical use cases, detailed concepts.  To deepen application of technology skills.

Training offerings to cater niche technologies, customized project specific requirements and programs not available on Next. Suitable for Upskilling, Reskilling & Building Technology Skilled Workforce.

    Welcome to our Capgemini University Campus

    The Serge Kampf Les Fontaines Campus, named after Capgemini’s founder, hosts in-person, hybrid and digital learning and development programs.

    An eco-responsible approach

    The Campus is an exceptional green venue committed to sustainable development. It obtained ISO 20121 certification in 2020.

      The learning experience of our people