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Portfolio Manager, I&D – DSA, Capgemini India


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Forging Paths of Possibility: Wasim Ahmed’s Inspiring Story

Hello, I am Wasim Ahmed, a Portfolio Manager in the I&D-DSA team at Capgemini, and I have been working here for three years.

Tell us about your role at Capgemini

In my current role, I serve as a delivery lead for Data Science & Analytics engagements for Financial Services clients. As part of my responsibilities, I manage and mentor Capgemini employees, support business development activities, and upskill employees on required tools and technologies.

Can you share how you have overcome challenges in both life and career?

From the tender age of 2.5 years, a locomotor disability in my right leg became a part of my life’s narrative. Yet, in the face of this obstacle, I’ve formulated strategies to overcome daily hurdles. While mobility and social interactions posed challenges, I’ve nurtured an unwavering spirit of self-reliance, positivity, patience, and self-confidence. I’ve embraced assistance when needed, crafting a foundation of resilience. My toolkit includes yoga, walks, and devoted pursuit of hobbies to channel stress.

How is your experience working in Capgemini?

Capgemini isn’t just a workplace; it’s been a canvas for my journey of empowerment. The synergy of supportive leadership, a dynamic team, an abundance of growth avenues, and an all-encompassing culture of inclusivity supports my tenure here. Capgemini exemplifies a commitment to not just technological innovation, but also the transformation of lives through human ingenuity.

How has Capgemini fostered your personal growth and professional advancement?

The empowerment of individuals with disabilities is deeply ingrained in Capgemini’s ethos. Through continuous skill development and leadership programs, the company has crafted an ecosystem where growth transcends barriers. My disability has never been a hindrance here; Capgemini has ensured parity, offering unwavering support from both peers and leadership. I’ve been entrusted with opportunities to expand my horizons and equipped with the tools to succeed.

What advice would you give to individuals considering a career at Capgemini?

For individuals who want to work at Capgemini, I would advise them that this isn’t just a job; it’s a sanctuary of equal opportunity, fortitude, inclusiveness, and growth for all. The future you aspire to achieve can be woven here, at Capgemini!

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