Program Pillars

E-Elite L-Leadership I-International T-Technology E-Ecosystem

The E.L.I.T.E. program is built on five pillars.


Exemplifies how the program:

  • Focuses on recruiting the top talent, initially from India, but eventually expanding to other markets
  • Provides this top talent with exposure to the most challenging projects of a global leader in professional services
  • Allows for rapid progression to accelerate their career over the short, medium, and longer term


Exemplifies how the program:

  • Grooms Capgemini’s future business leaders
  • Provides E.L.I.T.E. Management Trainees with a full set of core management consulting skills
  • Prepares Management Trainees for a wide array of business challenges


Exemplifies how the program:

  • Provides exposure to a global business
  • Harnesses the global background of Management Trainees to add value to the program and to the business


Exemplifies how the program:

  • Exposes Management Trainees to the inter-section of the business demands and technology disruption faced by our clients
  • Bolsters perception of business and technological trends
  • Develops understanding of the solutions required to navigate technological disruption
  • Nurtures an awareness of the business model of a Tier-1 professional services firm at the forefront of helping global clients navigate disruption


Exemplifies how the program:

  • Creates an ecosystem of peers, alumni, and senior leaders from inside and outside the organization
  • Nurtures networks for learning, mentorship, and professional growth
  • Builds a peer community for camaraderie, fun, and support