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Intelligent Industry


Intelligent Industry is the next generation of digital transformation, enabling businesses to drive new revenue streams and increased efficiency from smart connected products, new business models, and intelligent, sustainable operations.

New disruptive technologies and data are everywhere, radically transforming all industry sectors. Industry leaders must respond to the resulting wave of transformation, which will reshape the competitive landscape and redefine industry boundaries.

As a long-term partner for industrial organizations across all sectors, we are transforming the worlds of engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, and service — at scale. We invent intelligent products, operations, and services, and solve business, people, and technology challenges.

We enhance operational performance and create new revenue streams in a cyber-secured world, by putting people, planet, and data at the heart of everything we do. We leverage our brands, Cambridge Consultants and Synapse, to bring breakthrough innovation that helps our clients achieve competitive advantage.

We invent the future of industry.

We accelerate our clients’ transformation journeys at scale while de-risking their strategic technology choices and committing to creating sustainable business value.

Shaping an intelligent future

As the highest emitters of greenhouse gases and waste across industries, operations & supply chain leaders have a vital role to play in accelerating their organization’s sustainability transformation.

Everything is becoming connected. Are your products? It’s time to switch your business strategy model from traditional products to next generation smart connected products and services.

We bring to life transformative Smart Plant solutions that have positive environmental and social impact. These embrace digitalization, smart modular technology, data, and analytics to ensure long term financial benefits for our clients.

Our approach

New operating concepts, optimized product development and engineering processes, along with re-shaped product and service portfolios, enable companies to transform with smart, connected products and new business models.

Intelligent products are reshaping industry boundaries and enabling a new era of hyper-personalized customer experiences. To transform traditional products and services into sustainable smart ones requires a customer-centric and agile development approach.

We accelerate this journey along the entire product lifecycle, from innovation to market roll-out of new products and digital services. We leverage innovative methodologies and strategies, such as digital continuity, model-based-system engineering, intelligent product development, sustainability, business model innovation, platform design, and customer-centricity.

Our cross-industry experience across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, life science, aerospace, and agriculture, enables us to tailor individual approaches that expedite speed to market. We help clients explore, design, prototype, and develop smart innovative products and new business models for sustainable growth.

To navigate disruption and gain competitive advantage, industries are reimagining their supply chains and manufacturing with intelligent operations. This is a new world in which a digital and sustainable future will be enabled by technology and data.

As technology and global trends disrupt markets, industry leaders must address evolving needs for product and service customization, transparency and trust, new sales and delivery channels, and innovative business models. Industrial networks are being rebuilt and centralized to drive efficiency.

How do you find the right balance between customer satisfaction, sustainability, regulatory requirements, and efficiency? Add to this an avalanche of disruptive technologies, such as AI, demand sensing, digital twin, 5G, and autonomous objects, and the need to adapt is clear.

Our deep sector and functional expertise, and our unique combination of design, technology, and data science, help clients respond, regain operational agility, and capture market share. We empower sustainable, data-led operations with a focus on supply chain, smart plant, and industrial procurement.

To achieve insightful digital transformation at scale, companies need the right data and AI strategy and the related technologies in place to intelligently design and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that generate industrial performance and new revenues.

Intelligent Industry continues to evolve at speed. New digital technologies enable extended and faster connectivity, greater reliability, and advanced artificial intelligence supporting human performance. This is accompanied by a proliferation of data which, if harnessed correctly, can transform your entire business.

By infusing intelligence everywhere, from engineering through to customer services, manufacturers can deliver disruptive innovation, invent intelligent products, transform operations and business models, and reimagine employee and customer experiences. All driving both top and bottom-line growth.

To seize this opportunity, we help clients unleash the power of data at scale. We define the right data strategy and roadmap, and identify the best combination of digital technologies, from 5G and IoT to cloud computing, machine learning, and green AI.

We take you from idea to prototype to full deployment at speed and scale.

Client stories

Meet our experts

Charlotte Pierron-Perlès

EVP, Managing Director of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent
Charlotte is the Managing Director of Capgemini Invent’s Intelligent Industry global practice. In her role, she drives CxO agenda on connected products and services, R&D, digital engineering, supply chain transformation, smart plant initiatives, and the application of data, AI, and Gen AI to operations. With over 18 years of experience, Charlotte has been a trusted advisor to leading global companies, helping them drive significant revenue growth, enhance their competitiveness, and meet sustainability imperatives through the strategic use of data, AI, and advanced technologies.

Lisa Mitnick

Global Head of Smart Products & New Business Models, Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent

Grégoire Lejetté

Executive Vice President – Intelligent Operations and Digital Continuity & Convergence Group Offer Leader

Emmanuelle Rodriguez

Vice President, Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent

Verena Gertz

Vice President | Head of Digital Engineering & Lifecycle Management, Capgemini Invent

Gérald Murat

Expert in Digital Transformation

Christian Michalak

Dr. Leonardo Weiss Ferreira Chaves

Phil Davies

Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent UK
The digital revolution is creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities for companies and they are having to invent new business models and ways of working in order to survive and prosper. Phil works with senior executives to leverage the digital opportunities and transform – customer experiences, operations or business models.

Vikas Kumar

Vice President at Capgemini Invent

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