Ashwin Yardi

Ashwin Yardi

Chief Executive Officer – India, Capgemini

CEO, Capgemini in India Member of Capgemini Group Executive Committee

Ashwin Yardi is the CEO of Capgemini in India since December 2018.

He was also the Chief Industrialization & Automation Officer untill January 2021 and was driving
the competitiveness and industrialization of delivery of Capgemini portfolio. This involved leading
the organisation’s focus on building a knowledge-driven delivery model and deploying intelligent
automation to help clients derive the best value.

In his previos role, Ashwin was the COO of Capgemini in India from January 2016 to December
As COO, he managed operations, delivery, capability development and Innovation across

Ashwin has over 25 years of experience in consulting, technology and large outsourcing services.
He has performed several leadership roles driving the growth and profitability of various business
units in Capgemini. Ashwin’s experience in international and multi-cultural environments spans
across North and South America, Netherlands, Australia and Asian countries.

As an accomplished leader, he has worked closely with several fortune 500 companies to help them achieve their business transformation goals. He is also deeply involved in new age Digital & Big Data platforms and various automation tools.

Ashwin joined Capgemini in 2001 through the Ernst & Young acquisition.

Ashwin is an ardent advocate of Diversity & Inclusion and is the executive sponsor for many
programs like Power Ahead for Capgemini in India. As a key member of the India CSR Core
Committee, Ashwin has played a vital role in defining the strategic roadmap for CSR.
He is a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst and has done his Master’s in Management Studies from Sydenham Institute of Management Studies and Bachelor’s of Engineering from Mumbai University.