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Client story

Salesforce field service lightning implementation for european agricultural company

Client: European agricultural company
Region: Europe
Sector: Life sciences

Capgemini with Salesforce delivered a modern cloud-based platform to our agricultural client bringing greater customer satisfaction and service quality.


Our client came to us with an outdated service system for agricultural solutions. As a result, the company and its customers were dealing with many applications and platforms to maintain a barely acceptable level of serviceability. The work was taking hours, and the customers were dissatisfied. The agricultural firm contacted us to help them implement a better and more usable field service system.

Our solution

Capgemini with Salesforce delivered an up-to-date cloud-based platform to the client. The implementation of the project was built on top of the existing Salesforce Sales Cloud. In line with this method, an integrated application was delivered with an easy-to-use desktop and mobile interface.

The customer decided to use the capabilities of the Field Service Mobile App offered by Salesforce, which is an all-in-one tool for mobile workers on the go.

The benefits

Our approach has assisted the buyer to be able to improve customer satisfaction and service quality by implementing the Salesforce Field Service Lightning customer solution for the agricultural company.

It has established, through the integration of multiple applications, a full 360° view of customer processes and a scalable clarification for future rollouts to other geographies.