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Client story

Modernization of sales processes and improving customer experience FOR hungarian insurer

Client: Hungarian insurer
Region: Europe
Sector: Financial services

We bring a digital solution to our client, a market leader in Hungary for 22 years with whom we have a long-term relationship at global and local level.

The client approached us about an initiative for enhancing its customer experience portfolio from a business and technology point of view. This initiative had been launched by the client in 2021 in order to improve their customers’ engagement and the overall customer digital experience.

The challenge

The client had a heritage of a complex legacy application landscape with monolithic applications, non-standardized and sub-efficient processes, and outdated user interfaces used by their agents.

The goal of the modernization from a process perspective was to enhance and improve the sales processes through standardization and by using the insurance industry’s best practices and standard building blocks, coupled with state-of-the-art user interface design, to ensure an outstanding user and customer experience.

From an architectural and deployment perspective, the client’s goal was to modernize its application landscape by gradually decommissioning the legacy applications and build a microservice-driven architecture leveraging DevOps principles such as containerization, container orchestration, and service integrations deployed in the cloud.

Our solution

Capgemini has been working on this digitalization initiative for two years by providing professional services in service decomposition of legacy applications, planning, and designing of microservices, architecture plan and design of microservice-based ecosystem deployed in the cloud, coupled with micro frontend-based user experience design and implementation.

The Capgemini expert team consists of business analysts, solution architects, front-end architects and front-end/UX developers working closely with the client’s team in a scaled, Agile way, assigned to dedicated squads.

Our team is involved in understanding the business processes, gathering business requirements, facilitating business workshops, elaborating requirement documentations. We also gather, understand, and consolidate the non-functional requirements, working closely with security, compliance, legal and enterprise architecture streams.

We provide the detailed design of several microservices dedicated to sales process and product lifecycle process, and to the planning and design of the interface and integration patterns of microservices ensuring an end-to-end, microservice-driven back-end solution.

Our dedicated team also provides user-experience design and implementation for micro front-end development in ReactJS, providing state-of-the-art seamless user experience with integration of back-end for front-end components using graphQL.


A digital sales platform will be introduced to ensure an enhanced, disruptive user/customer experience improving sales processes and customer engagement to support the client’s initiatives to extend their product portfolio and ensure revenue growth.

The client will also benefit from a modernized appliation landscape and renewed architecture built on loosely coupled, scalable microservice components deployed on Azure cloud.