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In the digital economy, cloud can no longer be an afterthought.

Is your organization ready for the journey to cloud native?

Cloud applications live online, but the next generation—what we call cloud-native applications—are built from the start to excel there, and that makes all the difference. Cloud native means business functionality is built in the cloud, with modular, microservice architectures that let you innovate rapidly and scale new offerings.

This is creating a world of cloud-native leaders and cloud-native laggards. The leaders are building more than 20% of their applications in the cloud, boosting velocity, collaboration, and customer experience, and the number of cloud-native enterprise apps will more than double by 2020, according to the Capgemini research report Cloud Native Comes of Age.

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Go Modern and Get Cloud Native with Capgemini and Red Hat®

To execute on your cloud-native strategy, you need the right technologies, platforms, and approaches. Red Hat® OpenShift® is a sophisticated, cloud-native container development platform that enables you to rapidly build and scale applications in the cloud.

Becoming a cloud-native company also calls for a complete transformation in the way you innovate, develop, deliver, change, and collaborate on new software capabilities.

That’s why Capgemini is the ideal partner for cloud-native strategies built on Red Hat® technology. Capgemini is a leader in cloud transformation, helping enterprises around the world design and implement a cloud-first way of working.

We’re also at the forefront of application development and maintenance (ADM). Our innovative ADMnext service helps organizations achieve rapid development and continuous evolution. In fact, Capgemini is ranked a leader in next-gen application development and maintenance by ISG.

Cloud Native benefits

Develop faster

  • Take advantage of best-in-class development tools
  • Shorten development cycles
  • Deliver higher-quality software

Deploy anywhere

  • Build a true hybrid platform
  • Migrate applications seamlessly
  • Drive user adoption

Intelligent operations

  • Leverage powerful AI and data services
  • Achieve end-to-end container security
  • Join the 95% of the Fortune 500 running in the Microsoft cloud

Capgemini Cloud Platform

Capgemini Cloud Platform

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Cloud Transformation

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