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Special Production and Prototyping

We convert virtual 3D models of parts and assemblies into physical prototypes. We specialize in molded body parts, welded assemblies and subassemblies, machined parts, face mock-ups and various product types.

The traditional specialization of our development and prototyping workshop is the structural parts of the bodywork and their assemblies. Using numerical simulations we build tools, press and weld prototype structures from standard and high strength steels or aluminum, both from sheet metal and increasingly from profiles. Our second major specialization is machined prototypes. From polymers or aluminum alloys, we design interior mock-ups and car details, wind tunnel test models. We also support CNC machining of large workpieces. In addition, we implement various types of measuring, mounting, welding jigs. We build special testing jigs that are developed in cooperation with our other departments. In the field of rapid prototyping, we have FDM printing technology and, in cooperation with our suppliers, we provide complicated assemblies using the method of laser sintering of metals.

Our customers are automakers, parts suppliers, mills, foundries, tool shops, etc. Our customers include, among others, Skoda, Magna, Autoneum, Benteler, Dura Automotive Systems, Constellium.

    Special Production and Prototypes development and building

    Special Production and Prototypes development and building

    Special Production and Prototypes development and building

    Milling Center

    CNC operators and CAM programmers receive regular training.

    The machine prototyping shop

    The machine shop is equipped with top CNC milling machines and a number of conventional machining technologies.

    CMM 3D measuring center

    For the construction of prototype welded units, tools, jigs and design mock-ups it is necessary to use a coordinate measuring machine

    Software as a medical device

      Prototyping at Capgemini Engineering

      Prototyping is a very diverse and varied activity. It is necessary to combine many different activities and technologies together. It is often necessary to choose unconventional solutions, to seek and tune the correct procedure. Peak result will only succeed if all the follow-up activities fit together in the correct order and time. The big motivation is that the final physical product is available in a very short time and everyone can touch the result of their work.


      • molded components, welded assemblies
      • visual and building models, models
      • pressing tools
      • checking, measuring and testing fixtures
      • CNC machined parts
      • technological simulation of pressing
      • 3D measurement (CMM)
      • Rapid Prototyping (FDM)

      The new Trimill CNC machine will enable the extension of services by machining of larger workpieces, castings, pressing tools, molds and jigs.

      List of technologies at Prototyping workshop – CNC machines, presses, support technologies, CMM measuring technology and other

      Other Capgemini Engineering CZ Services

      At Capgemini Engineering, we offer comprehensive solutions Engineering to Prototyping and preparation to serial production to component Testing. Thanks to our excellent Testing Fixtures technicians, we achieve accurate measurements with added value to the customer

      Jan Kroupar

      SCRUM master / Head of agile practice | Technology Services
      Passionate about agile software development with over 17 years of experience in the financial markets and developing electronic banking solutions. I have completed a range of projects utilizing both traditional and agile methodologies, drawing on my broad IT background and my knowledge in Microsoft technology. I place a strong emphasis on teamwork, open communication, and goal-setting, and I hold a strong belief in the power of human potential and ongoing progress.

      Pavel Sefcik

      Testing Fixtures Specialist

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