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Capgemini Czech Republic is a dynamic, modern organization, working with the latest technologies to help you get the future you want.

Being part of the global Capgemini Group pushes us to set extremely high expectations for our domestic activities – while remaining focused on building a sustainable and inclusive future for everyone.

Our deep knowledge of the Czech market, strong local presence, and unique combination of IT and manufacturing capabilities make us the ideal business partner. Operating in the local market for more than 20 years, we support our clients’ digital transformation journeys and help them improve their business processes. We are a key partner to leading financial institutions in particular, successfully delivering projects in the areas of core banking systems, capital markets, and prepaid card solutions.

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Our expertise

For more than two decades we have been developing software for customers on the Czech and Slovak markets, focusing on their business imperatives: enabling new functionalities, reducing cost, and improving efficiency.

We have proven capabilities in the design, development and support of 24/7-available systems, as well as wide technical experience in application development, and back to front-end systems integration.

Following the demand for highly flexible applications, we accompany our clients with legacy application migration into the cloud environment. To fully leverage the advantages of cloud, we offer cloud-native application services and help clients modernize their mission-critical applications and accelerate the path to cloud-native, agile application development.

Cloud-native applications can position customers well to quickly and cost-effectively improve operational efficiencies, enhance end-user experiences, drive business innovation, and achieve agility in the face of changing market realities. 

We help customers with their IT strategy, application portfolio assessment, and management and execution of application migration.

We provide the expertise you need to make sure your SAP projects, migrations, and digital-transformation journeys deliver the results you want for your business. We work with you to help you fully leverage SAP technology – and become an intelligent enterprise. 

Capgemini Czech Republic is a long-standing partner to clients in the following industries: automotive, financial services, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and telecoms.

About our management

Martin Maláník

Head of Market Segment Czech Republic

Jan Kroupar

SCRUM master / Head of agile practice | Technology Services

Alena Ratajova

HR Manager

Nadezda Gumanova

Legal Finance Director & Business Controller

Radek Mareš

Head of Delivery

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    At Capgemini Czech Republic, our people use the best technologies to support the world’s leading companies in preparing for the future. 

    “with so many opportunities for personal and professional development, the years just fly by”

    "with so many opportunities for personal and professional development, the years just fly by"

    Patricia, Project Controller, Capgemini Czech Republic
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    As a part of our Green initiative, we have partnered with tree planting organization Sázíme Česko to plant a tree for every candidate who applies to one of our open positions. So apply today to come join our team at Capgemini Czech Republic, and help us to protect the environment.


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    Capgemini Czech Republic
    5. května 1746/22, 140 00
    Czech Republic

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    Tel. +420 234 747 251


    Capgemini Czech Republic
    Vienna Point
    Vídeňská 119, 619 00
    Czech Republic

    Discover our Prague office

    Our Prague office has been entirely rethought and refurbished to offer our employees and their visitors a professional and inspiring work environment.

      State-of-the-art meeting rooms

      Our conference spaces guarantee seamless meetings and maximum comfort with all the technology you need.

        A collaborative environment

        We offer an environment that's focused on everyone working together toward a common goal, and that is conducive to brainstorming and collaboration.

          Space to relax

          There's nothing like a chat over a coffee to generate enthusiasm and create a feeling of camaraderie – and that's what helps drive exceptional results.

            A place to combine work, and fun

            Fun is one of our Group's seven Values – and having fun at work goes hand in hand with fostering strong working relationships, and delivering to the highest quality and efficiency. That's why we strive to make everyone feel at home in the office!