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Project controller

Czech Republic

“With so many opportunities for personal and professional development, the years just fly by.”

February 20 was the day I celebrated my 10th anniversary at Capgemini Czech Republic. While for some ten years might seem like a long time to be in the same company, when you work in a company where you have the opportunity for professional and personal development thanks to the efforts you put in, then those years just fly by.

Of course, for strong job satisfaction, you also need a great working team, which Capgemini definitely doesn‘t lack. Group lunch breaks, after-hour walks around Prague, escape rooms, or our “Be Fresh & Cool” fitness lessons – all of this guarantees heaps of well-spent moments.

Initially, I joined the HR department, from where I then moved to Delivery and, in the role of PMO, gradually discovered all the things we do for our clients.

For the last few years, I have been working in Controlling, where I supervise projects from the financial point of view. I work a lot with our project managers, colleagues from sales, and our management team. We jointly prepare project calculations, offers, as well as monthly forecasts, and various analyzes. The main task is to ensure that our projects run according to our time and financial schedule, which sometimes requires less and sometimes more effort.

And do you want to know when Capgemini made such an impression on me that I simply went “Woow!?” It was when I visited Capgemini University at a chateau in France, where meetings with colleagues from other countries and the beauty of the surroundings left me with unforgettable experiences.