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In the field of Engineering, we provide services throughout the entire product development process. We like to apply new ideas and processes, think about the use of the final product by the user and translate these considerations into our own design. Be it design, early conceptual design, development or technological tuning of a part before its mass production.

We connect the world of styling and technology. We have more than 25 years of experience in virtual development not only for the automotive industry. We are able to take responsibility and for our customers to complete our work up to the final product. Thanks to our experience in design, design and validation, we can reduce development costs during virtual loops for part and assembly development towards mass production.

Our long-term and main customer is Škoda-Auto, since for many years, we have been involved in the development of virtually all the models that the car manufacturer has launched. Other customers are not only brands of VW, but also JLR, Opel, Ford and others. No less important for us are subcontractors, with whom we cooperate on the development of parts, which are subsequently delivered for final assembly in car factories.

We offer services in the following areas of development:

  • Preparation of surface data of the whole car
  • Accompanying design and sizing
  • Development of parts and assemblies
  • Computational validation and optimization
  • 2D / 3D Visualization

Working for the automotive industry is extremely creative. We accompany design, work on the first concepts, but also technologically tune parts to the final production. We can go through the entire development cycle of a part from the first sketches to mass production. And because we carefully choose communicative and healthy staff with high potential for further development, it is never boring.

Styling And Design

With over 15 years of experience and thanks to using the ICEM Surf and Alias software we are able to provide the highest quality (A-class) of smoothed surfaces for the automotive industry.

    CAD & CAE Development

    Sustainable CAD/CAE Body-In-White engineering

      Other Capgemini Engineering CZ Services

      At Capgemini Engineering, we offer comprehensive solutions Engineering to Prototyping and preparation to serial production to component Testing. Thanks to our excellent Testing Fixtures technicians, we achieve accurate measurements with added value to the customer

      Meet our Experts

      Rene Balaz

      CAD, CAE Specialist

      Jakub Tomes

      Visualization, Projects and Documentation Specialist

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