Application and On-boarding

Kick start your future, apply for your perfect opportunity with us

Every successful career with us starts with the same first step: Your online application. When reviewing your complete application, we take into  account a variety of objective criteria, including your ambitions and visions, skills and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, your experience and personal fit.

Once your application has been screened and we see a fit, we will invite you to the next steps of the application process, getting to know you better. This will consist of a variety of aspects taking into account the respective position you are applying for and the country you are applying in. Among others, they can comprise of telephone, online or personal interviews and assessment centers and a variety of other formats, which are designed to optimally enable you to present yourself to us and answer your questions and help you find your fit at Capgemini invent.

Of course, we are happy to inform you about the exact application process for an individual position in our first contact after your online application.

Get off to a flying start with our tailored on-boarding program

We are fully committed  to providing you with everything you need for an optimal start. We tailor your individual on-boarding to the country you are Graduate program Capgemini invent joining us in, to your position within the respective team and, most importantly, to you as an individual. We offer you a range of different measures, all designed to get you up and running in a fast, effective and enjoyable way.

Enabling you to have a successful start matters to us, hence our on-boarding programs a variety of the most important boosters for your first time with us.

To support you in becoming a true leader in digital transformation, our on-boarding programs provide you with everything you need to fully grasp our shared mission, be ready for its ever-changing challenges and find out how exactly how you want to contribute to this mission of innovation, disruption and change.

Through tailored programs such as multi-day on-boarding events, strategy sessions and other country-specific initiatives, you will experience what it means to combine our team’s strengths in strategy and transformation, creative design, data and creative design to solve the most complex business and technology challenges and, most importantly, understand how you can become a key driver in bringing to life what’s next for our clients.

Innovative skills and mindset

Being at the forefront of digital transformation means being at the forefront of skill- and mindset development. Fully integrated and aligned with our leading-edge learning and development offers, we provide you with a number of individualized onboarding measures to help you develop your existing strengths and fields for improvement, master the basics of our work and boost your skill- and mindset to make you a true leader in digital transformation. These range from core competency trainings with both new and experienced team members from all over the world over intensive one-on-one mentorings to our unique international training centers including Les Fontaines in France, The Institute in Germany and numerous other locations including the USA and India. And of course, we frequently adapt our onboarding programs to provide you with the ideal mix of well-established fundamentals, cutting-edge market trends and deep dives into the specifics of fields that interest you as an individual.


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